Yellow Vests: Is the symbol spreading across Europe? – BBC News

Demonstrations in France by a ‘Yellow Vest’ group over recent weeks have dominated headlines, but similar protests, with the same symbol, have been seen in countries like Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands and in the UK.

LSE Professor of Politics and Communication Bart Cammaerts discusses this new trend, its motivations and possible future.

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  1. Take a look at your country. Does, l percentage have 99percentage of wealth. Do the rich get richer and enjoy bigger tax cuts. Trickle down economics doesn't work because the rich now invest abroad. Do you have free healthcare and help with your kids education? Amazingly the poor support this because of politicians. Time to fight back.

  2. It’s like a trend now even in Jordan 🇯🇴 a country in the Middle East they are doing this
    I think they all need to unite so they can become stronger and then everything they want will happen because they’re stronger than the evil governments.

  3. Yes. Absolutely in fitting with history.extreme politics aroused by socio economic problems a prime factor being global gambling on currencies and the diverting of attention from the real problem of allowing vast movements of currency detrimental to the world economy that should be outlawed that actually benefit no one as shown rather well by the wall street crash and great depression and then perhaps world war 2 where during ww2 they had a treaty that promised stable currencies for world peace through economic prosperity to the troops.
    And it worked keeping local money in local community's back in local and the multinationals that operate within the local communities providing prosperity and innovation as well.However it only was allowed to operate for 20 years and The world has been riding on that ever dwindling /getting smaller economic wave of prosperity ever since.
    And the ever growing enormous speculative wave has been growing ever since.
    700,000. Peaceful protesters are ignored but a few violent ones though not all are violent are taking over the world.
    If they do manage too use liberal democracy to enforce their will of course the historical precedent is to pick on the wrong minority to further justify their aims.
    Which all goes to show taking money out of local communities worldwide against a world economic peace treaty attacking currencies bankrupting countries against a world economic peace treaty is not a good idea.
    Obama said it 2009.
    And all the world governments and their respective parliaments.
    Bretton Woods United news video on you tube promised to the troops for keeping money in local banks worldwide for local people worldwide not being used for global speculation sometimes planned attacks with a profit of $850billion ($850,000,000,000.)In a day. (About $100.)For 7.5 billion people worldwide.
    It's not violence that's needed its keeping. Money in local communities for local people worldwide and UN erstanding the importance of STABLE CURRENCIES as enshrined in the promise too the troops Bretton Woods making money the servant of producing a better world for the babies of all communities of any country of any kind and of any hue.
    Not producing chaos and violence for the benefit of money?

  4. This is what I love about new movements. There's no head of the snake. So nobody to bribe, nobody to assassinate… This is a movement on ideology. Capitalism and its vassals (liberalism, conservatism, liberal democracy, ethno-state and unjustified hierarchies) is being rejected for its failures. It's time we moved on to a system of more equitable distribution of resources.

    Austerity was the catalyst.

  5. It's quite ridicalous that working people have to pay in the form of taxes for globalism, when we don't want it.

    People have forgotten the gov is an employee of the people. And the gov knows it's an employee but it doesn't care.

  6. I hope it comes to North America. We r tired of the 1% getting richer and the people working 3 jobs can’t feed their family !!! It’s time for a big change. As a Canadian I want equality for all Not billionaires getting richer as they pretend to higher the living wage but really taking away vacation or overtime. This is not a new movement But it’s time to end it Even if I’m ok for now. Its not a me me me world. At least as far as I’m
    Concerned. It’s not ok for children and seniors to go without. So the elite can save their billions in a bank to prove they are better then others. I don’t want it for free I want to work for equality for all

  7. Riots and fires won't solve this issue. Taxes are terrible in America too. I don't protest. Best not to hurt anyone. There must be another way."Yellow Jackets" are a type of stinging bee, bees are needed for pollen. Think of the example we set for the children. Do they understand? Or will they fear the World because of anger and tax?! Peace!

  8. I hope so…we need to support our nation and our identity.
    The globalists want to destroy Europe by filling it with so called refugees.
    Wouldn't we all be better off if the EU stopped interfering abroad, stopped bombing countries in the middle east, gave
    Africa back their artefacts, encourage repatriation by letting migrants take their
    welfare payments with them for two years….. then, close our borders….let these countries develop at their pace and in their way.
    We need to invest in our own countries through decent education and real leadership instead of this political correctness nonsense.

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