Why Venezuela still looks like this? BBC News

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People in Venezuela are continuing to take to the streets in their thousands to protest against the government. The situation is becoming increasingly violent as riot police confront the demonstrators. Over the past month nearly 40 people have been killed. Vladimir Hernandez has spent a day out on the streets of the capital Caracas.

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  1. I suggest everyone read confessions of an economic hitman and then re-evaluate this reporting. The problem cant be fixed by changing their government. This is all a load of bollocks and manipulation

  2. Protesta no está funcionando, este gobierno tiene que ser arrastrado por el cuerpo pateando y gritando …. Toke a su casa …… Él es feliz en privado es un pequeño refugio seguro

  3. Venezuela is in the mess it's in because Hugo Chávez died and nobody else has the ability to mirror what he did for the country, if you trust the rich that tell you don't vote for socialism then watch this video, if you have knowledge enough to search the facts then search them 🙂 DOWN WITH THE RICH 1% WHO HAVE GOT MORE RICH WHY WE ALL GET MORE POOR !

  4. Such a waste of resources, just industrialize the nation. Make factories and more factories. Give people jobs. Exports will nudge the balance of payments in the right direction. Obviously there has to be a change of system, no more socialism, no more nationalizations(it's daylight robbery) and stop the subsidies, let the people produce food. I see a problem with the currency though, no one generally trust the central bank.

  5. This is where Batty Bernie and the fake Indian, Chief Spreading Bull (Elizabeth Waren) would take this country.
    Gotta love Socialism…oh wait they call it democratic socialism…ya that changes everything. NOT!
    Here's a fun fact about the difference between socialism and capitalism:
    With socialism, people wait in line for bread.
    With capitalism, bread waits for you! (at the grocery store if you were wondering Berniebot) LOL

  6. It's ashame when the common man don't know the truth behind Venezuela's​ crisis.
    President Obama and others in Congress made sure her oil wasn't going to sell or any form of trade take place.
    Can we truly fault North Korea, Iran, Palestinians etc for at least develope some form of idea, when we in the West create havoc on them when they're poor but have. hope different from us?

  7. A Maduro lo pudieron haber tumbado ase mucho tiempo, pero me temo que solo lo dejan para poner a Venezuela como escarnio para dar propaganda contra el socialismo y ponerla como un mal ejemplo del mal sistema que nos aquejaa , poniendo a los venezolanos en un eterno sufrimiento..

  8. The Socialist paradise of Venezuela, the progressive country championed by such BBC regulars as Owen Jones, Diane Abbott, and Polly Toynbee. They've been a bit quiet lately.

  9. Again, the BBC seems to be outsourcing it's media to south-east asian slaves.

    "Why Venezuela still looks like this?" is NOT correct grammar at all! Clearly not written by a native English speaker…. those who actually speak the language will realise the correct structure would be EITHER: "Why does Venezuela still look like this?" OR "Why Venezuela still looks like this*.*"

  10. Anytime a BBC story seems weird and stilted, just remember BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. It's the state media conglomerate for the degenerate leftist government of the United Kingdom.

    You should basically treat it like TVes or Russia Today.

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