Why Unboxing Videos Soothe Our Materialistic Brains | Internetting Season 2

On the internet, we can vicariously consume more stuff than we could ever actually buy, touch, or even see in our lifetimes. Are these videos eliminating a desire, or creating one?

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  1. I think this video is inflating the negative capitalism side effects with media consumption. Over consuming media is definitely an issue, but I don't see how it relates to capitalism/free market economies. Since people don't plan on buying most of the unboxing products and it is more of a relaxing media experience, I don't think it is a sign of "wild" capitalism or something. It is probably a sign of too much media consumption though.

  2. I had kind of an unboxing experience today, as well? I ran into a "Canadian" Quebecois… I think that's what they call themselves, and they spoke this odd language that was oddly similar to Elvish with a mixture of Targaryen? It took me awhile to unpack all of that, I'll tell ya.

  3. I've come to really dislike unboxing videos for the reasons outlined in this video.

    I actually nearly gave this video a miss to avoid watching the unboxing clips.

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