1. Had Javanka stayed in Manhattan, they would still a be well-liked society power couple with a relatively high public approval rating . Now they are socially toxic, have an approval rating of 18%, their friends have shunned them, DC folks hold them in contempt and they are actually facing jail.

    Shoulda stayed their asses in New York. They could’ve still been thieves and gotten away with it.

  2. Eat dust libtards. Trump keeps on whipping your ass and all you can do is listen to garbage news from left wing idiots. You have come a long way. GO TRUMP MAGA!!!!

  3. Not only is Trump freaking out he has gone beyond boning both Ivanka and Tiffinay. He now relies on the asses of Eric and Don Jnr and is said to be propositioning Jared.

  4. Jared Kushner is Jewish just like Micheal Cohen . Everyone knows Jews will sell their souls for a nickel. They love the money . So Trump has nothing on Kushner when it comes to money . His father went to prison for tax evasion . But I hope they all go to prison , even Barron . Send all their asses to prison . The sooner the better .

  5. The Trumps are the biggest criminal family ever to occupy the White House. Most if not all of Trumps assets are amassed surreptitiously by way of cheating on taxes, stiffing contractors/suppliers, defrauding banks through numerous bankruptcies, fraud as in Trump university and money laundering for the Russians and the Stans[Kazahstan,Turmenistan, Tajikstan, Krygzstan].

  6. Alright kids, lets go to school. Did you know that every republican candidate has been labeled as a racist, sexist, bigoted, etc…? Could every single one of these people have personal beliefs that are all the same? Unfortunately for the left the answer is no. In 1992 Maxine Waters labeled George Bush Sr. a racist. Against Clinton, Bush was the sexist and racist that had to go. How about these old favorite chants against Bush Jr and Cheney "Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Bush and Cheney go away" hmmmm sounds familiar. Did you know that the late John McCain was labeled a racist and sexist for his presidential run? But he was loved by all upon his passing, what happened. And the best for last, Hillary Clinton was accused of racism in her 2008 run against Obama. Its true, look it up. These arent crazy sources, they are headlines from print. Oh but Trump is the worst of them all right? The answer is no, people just got tired of hearing the same old thing and Trump won. Who is everyone over at CNN supposed to do? Admit that they use strategy to help the presidential candidate that they want to win? Of course not the ratings would fall even more than they already have. So what did they do same thing as MSNBC The Double Down. Hell it was either that or admit that they're nothing more than a political propaganda machine masquerading as a news organization. Oh don't get me wrong Fox News is just as guilty on the other side.

    The point is that we are all getting played. We are more divided now then anytime in history that includes the years leading up to during and after the Civil War, the days of dr. King, or any other time where America was divided. I don't blame most of people that are 30 years or younger because they haven't seen this pattern but you older ones have. So shame on you you can't relive the 60s when you were hippies in the street protesting the government. use logic you are somebody's parents somebody's grandparent. Do you want to know the funniest thing? Nobody called Trump a racist or sexist when Millions were tuning into The Apprentice each week. matter of fact Trump's never been called these things before he ran for president. I do question what would have happened had he ran as a democratic nominee. no he probably wouldn't have been to media's Darling but I can guarantee the strategy would have been different.

    You see the point is when I was younger they told me you can't believe everything you see on TV that's even more true today however so many of you or just regurgitating what they want you to say. like I said it isn't your fault all you've known is Obama or Clinton and during the bush years we are wrapped up in a war. Don't be clowns and think for yourself. I don't even like Trump I just dislike all of the sheep even more. Think with logic and facts and a little less with feelings. teach your kids to think for themselves instead of how you think. Let everybody make their own decision without worrying about people finding out that they support Trump. Political persecution is never okay I'm definitely not in America. the only way to change the world I said not forced people to follow a certain belief based on fear retaliation if they don't. It's been tried before you can reference the Nazis for that. Ideology and political persecution. We're better than that. Or at least we used to be.

  7. Trump family are all opportunists. They are a mob family and would sell off the country if they could profit on it. It turns my stomach when I see them in the oval office or boarding air force one. They don't deserve to be there. All entitled and corrupt

  8. Running for the Presidency was the worst thing Trump could have done. He's one of the sleaziest businessman on the planet. And by becoming president he opened up himself to the highest scrutiny. When you have skeletons in the closet you don't let people just rummage through your house.

  9. I really resent the fact that NK, Russia, SA, and our used to be allies think Americans are stupid for putting up with this corrupt president, his corrupt administration, the Republican Congress who did nothing to stop it and Trump's corrupt family. I was never a Trump fan and I didn't vote for him or Hilary, but as an American citizen, I feel the weight of being made to look like fools who can't, or won't, have the responsibility of taking care of our own country. I'm embarrassed, even though I didn't vote for this person, but the worst feeling is the people who fell for Trump's corrupt acts, and still do, when the whole world knows about it.

  10. I’d like to be able to read their thoughts on “family” … I guess it takes all kinds, but this tribe to a one is made up of some of the most self-interested phonies and grifters. The phony part of their natures is unmistakable, it rings through loud and clear in every word. During the campaign, I thought what the hell is wrong with people that they follow Trump, such a degree of insincerity is seldom seen in leaders, especially presidents! Away with them!!

  11. I was a Liberal for decades but I woke up. Start with viewing One America News – Like Fox much of what they talk about is not true but at least you will get much more truth than at CNN. Then start doing research. Check out the law firm Dickstein Shapiro LLP and Podesta's best friend Peter Kadzik.

  12. Whats wrong with the world when you can't even trust a Sex Worker to swallow ?
    why Lemon because your a Bitch and all you have is to attack the mans family , because thats what pussies do ..At the end of they day win loose or draw they will still be billionaires and you will still have nothing but cry baby bullshit …we will all be sitting on our 150 ft yachts while you deal with a lack of water and food from global warming ..to bad for you

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