Why is EVERYONE Buying this Tablet??

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It may not be HD.. It doesn’t have the best battery life.. But the Amazon Fire 7 is definitely the best tablet you can get (for $40) so why not? It does Netflix, it has a headphone jack, what more do you…


  1. When your job is to always review excellent products from the sponsorships, there's a chance to be growing as deuche and stopping to appreciate the little things, and that's what happened to linus. The vast user base that uses fire tablet for some specific reasons, for instance I simply cannot remember taking one photo with my one, in an extensive use of over a year, and those are the reasons that linus failed to look for. For god's sake he should have at least mentioned the enormous battery life this tablet provides. Trying to review a product by reading reviews from Amazon's product page is outright pathetic for a tech channel.

  2. Answer: it has good specs and decent performace for the price… also the CEO of amazon is fucking rich so he doesnt need to bother making alot of money out of a avg spec tablet he can sell it for dirt cheap and still make a fortune.. hes already richer than bill gates so he has nothing to lose.. such a long video isnt worth it

  3. you point out the obvious and add nothing new. These tablets are for mass consumption and casual use. They are throw-away-items. That's why they are the best selling tablet on Amazon. Didn't have to even watch the video to know that. I bought them for my kids and when they drop them in puddles and break them who really cares.

  4. I bought one of those last year or the year before at Black Friday. My phone then (LG V10) took a long time to load pictures on Instagram, so I got this to use for that, along with some other stuff . I also have a kindle fire hd which is better quality but I didn’t like the software. The new kindle fire actually is set up like a normal tablet. I also like that it has a rear facing camera. It not good, but I have used it for a few things. I got an iphone SE back in July so I don’t use it that often anymore. It is great for trips though

  5. I hate my Amazon fire and would never use it. All it ever wants to do is send me to Amazon.
    On browser and searching for baseball scores? No problem. Let me send to Amazon so you can first see these amazing products.

  6. If you have a Kindle Fire, you probably noticed, that Amazon's Silk browser is really bad. Let me tell you, that browsing is not as cumbersome when installing Chrome. It works fine on our Fire 8. Once in a while, the tablet starts to slow down for some reason. When this happens, I just power it off and start it up again. After that, operation is smooth again. It works every time. Not a big deal. – So glad, that Amazon did not block sideloading apps.

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