Why 28,000 Organs Won’t Make it to Patients in Need | NYT Opinion

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In the video Op-Ed above, people on the organ wait list argue that it’s time for the government to step in, provide oversight and require transparency in the organ recovery system. Research shows that organ procurement organizations (O.P.O.s), responsible for recovering organs, are inefficient and lack accountability. While a record number of organs have been transplanted in the past five years, that is not evidence of a well-working system: These numbers are bloated by a recent increase in opioid-related deaths.

In May, the White House released its unified agenda to set priorities for the Department of Health and Human Services. A rule was proposed to address and make changes to the standards used to evaluate O.P.O. performance. It’s now up to H.H.S. to determine what kind of change to make.

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  1. It's always about money, the Pharmaceutical companies don't want these sick people to get healthy because it would hurt their profits. This is beyond messed up, we the people need to take action and hold these corporations accountable.

  2. One has to be smart to know which course of actions one can commit to in order to make these people happier. Obviously you are making a video that is aimed at politicians, you should send these videos directly to politicians offices, as a message. If you send these videos out into the public you are just giving us information. —— unless some of us are indeed your target audience, (I sure am not)

  3. Fun fact: Organs are not tested for Lyme disease or related tick-born illnesses. If someone who is an organ donor has undiagnosed Lyme disease (and the numerous co-infections that come with it), the recipient of those organs will be infected as well.

  4. How is the government at fault? Now Americans want more over sight from the government into citizens health. Even the OPO clinical director in the video admitted to falsifying records and documents, she is the problem. Secondly, how would the government know which OPO's are falsifying documents to show better numbers? It would be so difficult to catch them in the act. If anything the government should take over the entire thing, and raise taxes to cover it, I mean you all want more government over sight. Its not going to be free, thats for sure.

  5. This is a national disgrace. If OPIO's are in private hands, they must all be investigated immediately. I'm an organ donor. Fortunately, where I live, organs are matched and given to those who need them within hours. Why is America behind the world on so many issues?

  6. Steve Jobs purchased his organs, by buying a house in Tennessee, so that he could increase his chance of getting a transplant..This was not fair. Steve Jobs created the situation in which he needed multiple organ transplants. Steve Jobs was a New Age Nutcase; he needed a transplant because he followed the advice of Dr Dean Ornish, who claimed that Steve Jobs cancer could be treated with diet alone. Had Steve Jobs gotten conventional treatment, he stood a good chance of surviving. Because he believed in quackery, look what happened. I think Vanderbilt should have REQUIRED that Steve Jobs file a malpractice suit against Dr Ornish, make, at his own expense, a series of public service announcements explaining the situation and condemning medical practices that are not science based AND make large media purchases in the 100 largest markets in the United States.

  7. 3 of my 4 children have Cystic Fibrosis. CF affects the lungs and has a 100% mortality rate. There is no cure. Just treatments (which are awesome) to extend life. My three girls currently have a life expectancy of about 40 years +/- (they are 23, 19 & 16 at the moment). Gene therapy is on the horizon, but not an applicable reality just yet. Mean time, lung transplants are an option at some point. At least I thought they were. This video is disheartening to say the least. Needs to be change.

  8. My husband received a heart, female AB, incompatible for sustaining his life. The reason was the doctor stated there are no FDA requirements governing his choice for a match. He was keep alive through life support for nine months and the hospital billed out millions for the torture. Much needs to come to light, our system is deeply flawed.

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