Who was Babe Ruth?

He hit more home runs than any player in his era – and was one of our first national celebrity brands. But what was Babe Ruth like behind the scenes?

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  1. Babe Ruth was the greatest player in Major League Baseball history. I say that because there is no way to compare him to great players from the Negro Leagues like Josh Gibson and others.

    And the nursery rhyme about the 3 top HR hitters goes:
    "Babe Ruth did it with hotdogs and beer.
    Hank Aaron did it with class.
    Barry Bonds ended up doing it,
    with a needle stuck in his ass."

  2. using racial and ethnic slurs like "wops" to refer to Italian-Americans and "micks" to refer to Irish-Americans. He also used the n-word on occasion, saying he was often referred to as "nigger lips" because of his strikingly African features

  3. The Babe Ruth was a real self made man…
    Donald Trump is a trust fund baby, a habitual pathological lair, and a petulant self absorbed individual with the emotional development of a school yard bully.

  4. I bet if babe Ruth was alive he would like president trump. Babe Ruth was an angel CNN is a devils angel . Lollll CNN says in your head their evil thoughts hate trump and fox news in your head say love trump .

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