Who is burning down Rohingya villages? – BBC News

About 294,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar since violence erupted last month.
Rohingyas say the military is waging a brutal campaign against them, burning their villages.
Myanmar rejects this, saying its military is fighting against Rohingya “terrorists”.
The BBC’s Jonathan Head investigates.

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  1. Why are you turning a blind eye to the suffering and murder committed by the so called Rohingya terrorists on Hindus and Buddhists? Is it because they are not part of your Abrahamic cult? Because they don’t feed the UN? This is very one sided and so shameful! You are not giving the full picture. The Islamists launched the first affect on military and most importantly on other innocent non Muslims civilians! Then the government took action! Not every fken country wants to be and needs to be so called “multicultural” as the west seems best. They should have the right to choose the country that want and how they want it without putting out western superiority mentality judgement on them. They are much older civilization than ours and they have the right to defend themselves. We, the US, launched attack in the Middle East…we took war to the islamists land…the Mayanmar govt is trying to get rid of islamists in their land! This is so upsetting to see…the media bias and one sidedness…my donated money will be going to help the Buddhists and Hindus in Mayanmar…you can count on that.

  2. All Rohigas are not responsible for terrorists attack. But Myanmar army
    and extremists Buddhists attacked all innocents Rohigas like a terrorist
    . They have right to establish Islam in Rakine state as Rakine is their
    state according to evidence . They have right to observe their religion
    freely . Myanmar is their country . A man who will be stateless just
    because of religion identity is an insane thinking . But it is a matter
    of sorrow that many non Muslims stated like that in their comments. Is
    it their religion teaching ? Who are victim of state sponsored
    terrorism all over the world ? The answer is Muslims. But you, non
    Muslims said that Muslims are terrorist. So, we can not expect peace
    with out justice. We want justice for everybody without justifying
    religious identity. Muslims or non Muslims , anybody can commit crime.
    We hate all kinds of inhuman activities .

  3. Sir.. may i ask who u r..what you are looking into this.. ofcours with your concern it's right… the human rights (groups)… have you seen how we ethnics are tolerated in this regions.. minorities/majorities… what shall you understand… the ronhingyas made problems…n we suffer.. majorities/minorities..u know..in south east asia..

  4. Its about a time we Muslims beat the most powerfull Empire in the World the Persian Empire
    We also beat the Most evil Empire ever exist the Mongolian Empire and kinkgs hkan soldiers,
    we also beat The Roman empire took demoscus and Anadolu finaly the big dream we took Istanbul 1453 the golden day ,so all that golden history do you think the group of cockroach eaters burmes gangs will defeat us, stop killing chldren and women face real men its about time Islam is raising again,

  5. This is hypocrisy by BBC This is a biased report, why does this conflict happened in the first place?? Why is bbc no looking into it??
    Muslims all over the world have problems with other religion even islam , until and unless Islam reans to respect and love others religion this is not gona stopped

  6. The Fake Rohingya set the fires. The entire fakeugee is a ploy because they think if they play the victim the United Nations is going to step in and for Myanmar to give up section of its country so these Bangladeshi Vermin can get what they want their own private state because they're not welcome in Bangladesh where they came from. It doesn't take much research to find most of their atrocities that they are posting online are fake they aren't taking pictures of atrocities they're downloading images of accidents and natural disasters in Asia and claiming it's been being victims.
    There is no such thing as Rohingya, Rohingya is a fake name created by illegal Bengali Muslims to hide their real identities and to make false claim to the Arakin State of Myanmar. They have NO historical claim to the area it was Buddhist more tha 1000 years before Mohammed was crazy enough to think up his crack pipe pseudo religion. Enough with the over played muzzy serial victim scam. The Bengali Muslims were brought to Burma during WWII for cheap labor they refused to go home. The Burmese tolerated them but refused them citizenship and rights hoping they would leave on their own. Instead the Bengali decided they had a right to the land they were squatting on. The Bengali attacked the native Arakan Buddhist under the false belief the buddists being pacifists would allow them to take over. When the Arakine Buddists fought back and tried to drive the aggressive illegal ungrateful squatters. from Their Country. The craven muslims did what they always do they ran back to Their homeland and cried victim. The evil Buddhists were engaged in genocide against them.
    Now after 10 years of globalist and Al Jazeera propaganda Pseudo rohingya are claiming to be the most persecuted minority and people on the planet. They are trying to drag the UN into this Fiasco in the attempt to force myamar in the ceding the Arakin state to them.
    As of August 23rd of 2017 with isis training & supplies they have engaged in an armed terrorist conflict with the indigenous people of The Arakan state to seize what they claim in the name of Allah. This is textbook (Koran) expansionism.
    Don't trust MSM or Al Jazeera propaganda. They are interested in the Islamic expansion and Progressive agenda the same as what is taking place in Europe and what they are attempting to implement in North America. Myanmar is and has been a majority Buddhist Country.

  7. NO ONE IS LISTENING TO THIS FAKE NEWS BULL SHIT ANYMORE AND MORE PEOPLE DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THE BBC SAY, I can use my common sense to work this one out ( budhists have alway being peaceful unless pushed by aggressors )( Islam /Muslim has always being aggressive and divisive and is famous for antagonising the opposition and then playing the victim )( that’s all we need to know as regards what’s really happening here )

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