Who Is Amy Klobuchar? | 2020 Presidential Candidate | NYT News

Senator Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota, is running for president. Ms. Klobuchar is hoping her Midwestern roots and history of working across the aisle will help her candidacy.

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  1. Wow. Reading these comments makes me realize I need to find a cave for this election period. Does anyone share opinions backed by reason and (hopefully, truth) any more? I feel sorry for anyone running in a presidential race. How do they have a thick enough skin to survive?

  2. I dont like celebrity democrats (which currently makes up about 3/4 of all declared candidates) but she looks like somebody I could vote for . we'll see …but if booker wins the primary then I im just gonna go Trump….yup

  3. Even when one acknowledges the changing voter demographics, does anybody really think white males will vote for her over the Agent Orange?She's going to have to do more than just eat pork chops to get that large voter block.

  4. She's a great candidate and will make a strong president. Klobuchar is determined to make better things happen. Watch the haters swarm! But do not let them influence you.

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