When to say thanks anyway as a mobile tech

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C1525 Escape Hybrid Brake system


  1. Thank you for the heads up this not only applies to mobile techs but for small shops guys that doesn’t have updated training. I don’t think you realize how much your knowledge crosses into all parts of automotive repair.

  2. Same story on GMC hybrid. We had a Yukon w/hydraulic failure and were unable to bleed it. Took it to a neighboring shop for the 93 page procedure. After 2 hrs & a couple qts of fluid they got it bled and charged us $100, as quoted.

  3. There has to be some kind of penalty to Ford, for them to design a maintenance protocol that is so complex. I get the notion of needing a high end scan tool to bleed brakes, but four gallons of brake fluid?

  4. Good choice . I wouldnt touch that job either.
    When I did work I had certain jobs I wouldnt touch either. Some were vehicle related and some were customer related .

    Some cars are too much trouble and some customers are .

    if I was rhe customer Id be pissed ar rhe dealer and the manufacturer for making crap like rhis hybrid and not servicing it. Id surethink twice about doing business with either of them ever again .


  5. Retired mechanic after 37 years. To this day I tell my wife “if I ever come home with a Ford beat me over the head with a rolling pin”

  6. Love the videos kieth. I’m thinking about starting a mobile diagnostic and reprogramming business and I was wondering if you could do a video explaining how you started your business and how do you charge for diagnostics and reprogramming? Do you charge a flat fee or does it depend how long it takes you? It would really help us young guys out learning how you started. Thanks Keith

  7. I repaired the brake system on an older Rolls, I ordered 1 quart of Rolls Fluid and the parts guy laughed at me. he said you need at least a case of quarts, your amount of fluid for this Ford brought back memories, not good.

  8. I just don’t get it, why would they take such a simple job and make it almost impossible sometimes I wonder if they’re taking all this new technology in the right direction.

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