What’s Yelp's Future Value?

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July 28 — Conversocial CEO Joshua March and Bloomberg’s Alex Sherman examine Yelp reports second quarter loses and who might want to invest in the company. They speak with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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  1. Please spread awareness about Yelp; Fraud and extortion are illegal, and I wouldn't go after this dream if I didn't believe in it nor have enough data and evidence to firmly believe that this is 100% real. How does yelp make money? By trying to get local businesses to pay away bad reviews (which is a real function, though it's kept hush) that either they (yelp) or big businesses (competitors) pay a recruit to visit and slam local businesses. This happened to at least 5 shops I know of (and where I work), all in the same area (and apparently many more) who all got a visit from the same mysterious woman. One owner that I personally know (not mine) got a really painful review from her, where she uses her autistic son and says the owner yelled at him (he would never do that, and she extorts her son this way in numerous reviews). This owner got offered to "advertise" (which delete the bad reviews of the "elite members" that happen to get to refresh/change the year so it stays at the top and relevant) if he paid a certain high amount of money… I'm glad he declined. There's a case on this in California where Yelp is getting sued for this same exact thing, but I'd like to get more states in on this. It's perfectly okay/normal to have bad reviews, but when it's turned into a money making scheme and hard working businesses suffer from fabricated reviews, it's not okay.

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