What is 802.11ax Wi-Fi?

802.11ax Wi-Fi is the next major revision of the wireless networking standard. What new features does it offer?

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  1. Looks like you are into Tech, can you answer a question i have please? Do you know the kind of Technology it takes to SNIF/ scan packets in real time for targeted Data? Just before 9/11 I was a Contractor in the Telecommunications Industry and installed a 1/2 mill packet sniffing box, these boxes were installed in all Telecommunications Headends that i know of for sure in Canada. Back in 2001 the CRTC came down hard and told all Carriers to pay for and install them or loose the Internet. Black box has Glass in and out , power and a few screws. Only about 10" high rack mount black Cisco box with an invoice tag of $489,000. The box that i helped install scanned all data off and onto Vancouver island and was installed by mandate literally days before 9/11. Thanks for your time.

  2. Suggestion: how to setup wireless well on a house. What channels to use, positioning, important router settings, etc. Struggling with wifi and not really sure how to get everything setup the best way for performance.

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  4. if AX runs at the same frequency as AC then it is utterly useless to anyone who lives in a concrete / masonry / brick / stone house. On the flip side if your house is made of straw or wood you're in good shape. let's just hope your house doesn't get hit by a tornado or heavy breeze. ?

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