WaPo: Reported payments could threaten NRA's existence

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The Washington Post reports the NRA paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to board members who are supposed to be unpaid and have oversight over the group’s finances. The payments could threaten the group’s tax-exempt status as CNN’s Tom Foreman reports. #CNN #News


  1. Gun ownership is an American thing stop making us feel bad Assholes! #theunitedspot – Democrats do not care about Native Citizens. They do not care about U.S. they neglect U.S. they Lie to them to get to U.S. The Left is so massive that it’s sad considering the Mass Horde that is being Habitually conditioned and Bamboozled. They trick them by telling them that the climate is changing lol like Duh? Yet they put it in such a way that no one questions the middle aka the underlying factors get ignored. Which is a factor as well in all these lies and treachery. The leaders of the Left are insidious, they tell half truths with snake like fork tongues. They the left are traitors, to our democracy. One day the right will need to crush this opportunistic foe or else they will as has happened all over the world, they will in fact bring down our civilization only to own and control the industry’s that where created with American ingenuity. But, forgotten because it was made by white people and Citizens. If you’re white! be proud stay proud for you are the rock that’s held this nation as it is and was and hopefully will continue to do so. If you’re colored then love your neighbor and be considerate of the fact that you are part of U.S. and should act as such. Those that don’t act in the best interest of its citizens are no Americans to a U.S.

  2. Where Money & Greed is GOD,
    always follow the money
    and you discover Great Deceit.
    It is the first law of Money.
    The second law is GOP: Greedy Old Perverts are the true believers and devotees.

  3. The NRA is an evil organization that is largely responsible for all the people that have been murdered using their product. I am totally appalled by Trump bending to their will.

  4. I think charities tax exemption is just a way for rich people to avoid paying taxes while at the same time they benefit from those charities.
    Hopefully NRA rich elite is obliterated along with other corrupt politicians it has funded. You know like extremely corrupt antidemocratic dictator Mitch McConnel and his wife Secretary Elaine Chao. Trump seems to think there is no problem that Chao gave "a small" goverment funds given to Mitch's company. Small being millions of dollars.

  5. $50K for the guy who adopted an under age girl so he could have sex with her, the guy that threatens to kill Obama, the guy who wrote fellow pedo Roy Moore's theme song "Jailbait", bat-shit crazy guy… that guy – Ted Nugent, conservative role model.
    They violated the 501c rules, so take away the 501c status. Fake non-profits need to pay their taxes.

  6. Hope they have to pay all those unpaid taxes. They have been reaping the benefits of the Country, but like Trump, don't want to pay their fare share.

    "Get back to Greatness"? You can be certain that people like Trump and many NRA members haven't ever made America Great. They are fucking freeloaders.

  7. The UK has about 50 to 60 gun related deaths per year, Japan less than 15,. But in the USA an astonishing 33,000+ with roughly the same number wounded but survive, because of good emergency medical care. In the USA 1.4 million people died of gun related injuries between 1968 and 2011 that head count roughly the population of Nothern Ireland.

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