Violent Arrest of Black Woman at Traffic Stop Investigated

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Arrest of Breaion King | Two Austin Police Department officers are now under investigation after dash-cam video shows one of the officers throwing a Breaion King to the ground during a traffic stop.


  1. If it was a man , black or white , it wouldn't make the news. Just a regular day for a man. STOP hiding behind your race and ACCEPT your EQUAL RIGHTS between MEN & WOMEN !

  2. She was acting just like the officer said she was. So here's the black womans idiot test:

    When the officer says get out of the vehicle do you
    1. Say no
    2. Debate why you shouldn't have to
    3. Get the fuck out of the car

    If you did not answer 3 then expect to get your ass kicked.

    When the officer says you are under arrest do you
    1. Debate and argue
    2. Walk away
    3. Turn around and put your hands behind your back

    If you did not answer 3 then expect to get your ass kicked

    So what have we learned today children? Simple, when an officer gives you simple instructions, STFU and follow the instructions. Or expect to get your ass kicked.

  3. Cop was telling the truth though to the reasons we don't get along.They're very mouthy & have violent tendencies.
    We always got to have our guard up because they're always angry.
    But I would be to if this asshole tried roughing me up!

  4. Instead of "To protect and Serve" they should say "To Beat and Humiliate". I´m very Glad I chose not to live in America. The Police always claim, that
    they thought they were in Danger, that´s a good reason to Beat the Shit out of Women. It´s a sad Situation, that should not have happened at all.

  5. I am having a hard time seeing where these people claim police abuse when they resist and disobey the officers. It's the officers being abused not the other way around, the defiant attitudes get them in trouble not the race.

  6. I guess it would be true then by the reaction white people have a black has forever tarnish them with the African-American Community which there is no such thing black that's it

  7. Please Lady listen to the police officers. If you don't they will put you on the ground. I have injuries on me over the years and years from work and other issues I refuse to let a police officer put me on the ground. Just listen to the police officer

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