Uproar after police kick in door to take child with a high fever from parents

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A doctor in Arizona called the Department of Child Safety after the child’s parents did not follow medical advice to take the sick child straight to the emergency room.

Arizona police officers forcibly removed 2-year-old boy with fever from home, video shows

An Arizona lawmaker is questioning a local police department’s use of force in removing a feverish child from a home after a doctor reported the parents to the state’s Department of Child Safety.

On Feb. 25, the mother of a 2-year-old child, who is not vaccinated, took the child to a naturopathic doctor with a fever of 105 degrees, ABC Phoenix station KNXV reported.

The doctor instructed the mother to take the toddler to the emergency room as soon as possible, but since the child’s fever later broke, she took him back to their home in Chandler, about 25 miles southeast of Phoenix, instead, according to a statement from the Chandler Police Department.

When the doctor learned from the Cardon Children’s Hospital that they parents never showed up with the child, she called Arizona DCS, who then contacted the Chandler Police Department for assistance, an incident report shows.

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  1. The remarks here are quite depressing. If you believe a fever is "dangerous" or "life-threatening" you need to educate yourself. Please take two minutes at a reputable source such as the Seattle Children's Hospital & Research Foundation: http://www.seattlechildrens.org/conditions/a-z/fever-myths-versus-facts/ . A swat team breaking into this family's home at 1 A.M and pointing loaded firearms at their heads was an act of evil. If you disagree may your chains rest lightly upon you-and may your home be next!

  2. I say it's a good thing many many many years ago a friend of mine had a high fever of 105 it cooked her brain and she lived a life in a vegetative state and she passed away at the age of 34 fever will cook your brain and turn you into a vegetable if not treated cops did that baby a favor thank you thank you thank you

  3. Unfortunately no, they didn’t go too far. That could have ended a) with nothing bad or b) with a dead kid through medical neglect. I doubt the public wants Child Welfare to take that sort of risk.

  4. A 102 temperature is still high, if the child had died were they going to blame the doctors? I’m not saying that everything was done right but this was a young child.

  5. My children' doctor told me many times not to panic, that I was young and that my child would be fine if I followed his instruction's. At 102 is high and to keep an eye if it gets higher, then I would have to give my child a lukewarm bath on the cooler side to bring the fever down, it always worked. Five children later, all grown up, grandchildren later, all grown up, great grandchildren, still growing. Have people lost their senses! The doctor should never have called CPS, he should have called the parents at their home and ask why they did not take his advice. He was not experienced enough to know better, or did not want to fail making money for the hospital. Not all family's can afford a unnecessary ER visit. And now armed and kicking doors down for 102 temperature! Unbelievable!

  6. This is very bad that a parent that is not responsibility that it take care of their own child at it what's going on inside of their home or any other threats that I might be to get sick or possibly be like something more even worse but this is awful

  7. That’s it ,let the Bullets fly for the childs sake. Cops, once again ,overstepping their bounds ,any excuse to draw their weapons.Stupid parents yes but don’t forget ice separates children from their parents all the time at the border. They also do irreparable damage.

  8. If they don't want to give them vaccines, okay, they've made that decision.

    However, with a fever as high as that, they still should've taken him to the doctor.

    Lets use common sense people.

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