United Airlines Passenger Violently Removed From Flight

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A man was dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight from Chicago O’Hare to Louisville, Ky, on Sunday night after agents couldn’t find volunteers to leave the plane and selected four passengers at random. A passenger captured video of the ordeal. Photo: Tyler Bridges via Storyful

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  1. You know they probably saved his life because that airplane would crashed or something of something.
    He should be thankful .
    Someone give him a fortune cookie .
    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Fuck you all. Had that passenger been black, you would have said "he deserved it" or "he should have complied". You would have been cheering for United. You are all a bunch of hellbound hypocrites.

  3. I'm seeing so much ignorance posted here over this issue…Pls make sure you know everything about a situation before posting your uninformed vitriol…

    EVERY FLIGHT ON ANY AIRLINE has the policy that they can bump a passenger off a flight to make room for employees of that particular flight that may be needed at the destination of the flight. If no one volunteers, then passengers are selected, who are offered suitable compensation. You sign off on this WHEN YOU BUY YOUR TICKET! If the good doctor had read this, and complied with authorities, instead of being an A-1 nutjob, maybe this wouldn't have happened! Oh, and btw, read up a lil on the good doctor. He's not that good of a doctor.

    Especially in a post-Sept. 11 world, you really shouldn't cause troubles on a flight. What would've happened if the good doctor simply said, "Ummmm..Ok…This is is fucking me, but I understand. Thank you for the compensation." Done and done! But no! He just HAD to refuse and start a drama!

    United did no wrong, and all phone-cam happy retards need to stop turning something into something it isn't!

  4. That guy was overreacting and bein a pus. They still shouldn't have forced him and should've just paid someone a good enough price to make it worth it for a volunteer to leave.

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