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Why were images of Luke Skywalker on a Tonton and Ronald Reagan on a dinosaur part of a Republican senator’s critique of the “Green New Deal”?

Mike Lee of Utah explains his thinking while Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defends her proposals for tackling the causes and consequences of climate change.

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  1. Two speeches every msm channel are NOT talking about are Gerard Batten’s and Lord Pearson’s !!!! …. or Tommy Robinson’s !! …. corrupt lying paedophile protecting BBC …. FACT ..

  2. Bahahahaha. Even BBC knows this is a script to destabilize govts. Written in 1901. They will make all govt look so bad that we beg for a nwo. But we didnt vote for many of these. The phycopaths put them in and told you you elected them. No we didnt elect a 4 year old communist who has delusions of the world ending in now 11 years lol. BBC bought bu corruptness

  3. The fact that you 'murriKKKan find it funny when your representative trolls each other without actually solve the problem is just oddly amusing. Keep this up…. and the enemies of USA won't have to lift a finger to destroy you.

  4. Let me save the audience some time scratching their heads. I think BBC News = Fake News, and I think its staff earn brownie points by obfuscating matters or distracting an audience so they remain in an uninformed state, when it can't work directly towards its primary objective of conditioning them to willingly submit to Globalists trying to bring about the New World Order. 

    If you want to know whats going on then try these channels… We Are Change or Pulse Change e.g. this video ->

  5. Mrs Cortez is right, however climate change is a natural occurrence but I do agree there need to be measures put in place that safe guard our planet and policy stopping the poisonous pollution being pumped into the air every day. The buffoon obviously hasn’t got a professional factual answer so resorts to making jokes, he just wants to keep himself and his buddies rich and the US war machine going so millions of humans can die for more change in his pocket, and who would have guessed he tries blaming the destruction of our planet on ordinary humans having kids as if they have control of the government funded companies that destroy rivers and pollute air land and sea, that just shows you his kind have no respect for human life, they’ll kill millions for stupid wars and blame it on the victims.

  6. For those who are confused:

    The woman is explaining why big business' prioritization of profits over people makes them our enemy, while the overgrown manchild right winger is demonstrating why right wingers are considered mentally Ill.

    If you're trying to "both sides" this issue, you are hurting yourself just as much as the rest of us. Climate change must not be ignored and what the BBC is doing here is no different to when helped legitimise the anti-vaxxer message and supported the Iraq invasion.

  7. The republicans sound real stupid. How on earth did they become politicians and how on earth have the Americans voted them into congress. They would have been better off putting monkeys into congress! You might get more sense out of them than you would from republicans

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