1. Everyone it's time to ban Christmas. The nativity scene the prayer the music is all offensive. Stupid ass liberals if you would just kill yourselves nobody would be offended

  2. So, ya'll still think that hiring a criminal who pretended to make all that money (when it was actually all Daddy's Money) and fooled you into thinking he was a great business man because of a TV Show…

    America deserves better from it's president and it's electorate. Fooled by a TV show…unreal.

  3. Hopefully Mulvaney will be able to get Trump to read things, like his daily National Security briefings…..at least skim them……or maybe Mick can read them aloud to Trump, like you would to a grade schooler.

  4. O yeah, tRump has so many people that are dying to work for him, LMAO! so Dump throws in this acting CoS wimp Mulvaney, just like Pence someone who is afraid to death of tRump, no doubt Mulvaney was forced to take the job!

  5. Trump said many people want to be his Chief of Staff. So he picks Mulvaney, who already is Chairman of the OMB. Mulvaney now has 2 jobs. How hard up Trump is! And he is a big fat liar 🤥 too!

  6. In 2016, Mick Mulvaney, President Donald Trump's acting White House chief of staff, called then-presidential candidate Donald Trump "flawed" and said he was going to support him despite "the fact that I think he's a terrible human being."

  7. Mick Mulvaney owes years of back taxes.He spent years pushing against any rise in federal budget until Trump made him director of the OMB, when he presented the highest budget ever. He helped increase the federal budget by nearly $1 trillion dollars this year with an additional $7 trillion over the next 7 years. He also opposed paying for a border wall. A true conservative.

    Mick Mulvaney refuses to meet with lobbyists unless they make a campaign donation. He is very open about this position. He wanted to get rid of Meals on Wheels because he claims it doesn't help taxpayers. He once purchased bonds for a real estate development and then led a campaign to have tax payers also buy bonds. Once they inflated the value of the real estate, he sold his bonds for $7 million and never finished the project he promised tax payers he would. A man of the people.

    Mick Mulvaney supports Rand Paul. He claims to be the most conservative member of the current administration and introduces himself (facetiously I assume) as a "right wing nut job". He became the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after calling it a "sick, sad joke" of a department. Here, he actively worked to dismantle the Bureau by freezing hiring, rulemaking, and penalty fee collection. He requested a budget for this department of $0. He also has dropped multiple cases against pay day lenders whom have made sizeable contributions to his campaign. Remember, this verifies his statement that he only listens to people who donate to him. He did, however, bring in new politically appointed employees who he immediately gave large raises to. He even created new positions for them. It took him four months to make a single penalty assessment, probably due to the fact that he was working 2-3 days a week, a few hours a day. He shut down public access to the consumer complaint database of the CFPB, calling it "Yelp for financial services". He has supported shutting down the government on multiple occasions.

    Mick Mulvaney supports increasing the federal deficit, shutting down the government, less transparency, and bribing. He also supports stealing from taxpayers, not paying taxes, and pay day lenders who have charged up to 950% interest. One thing he does not support is Planned Parenthood, because he is against the "trafficking in pieces of dead children".

    Mick Mulvaney is perfect for Donald Trump's administration.

  8. I love that the anchors on CNN use words like "discarded," "gaslighting," "paranoia," and "word salad." All terms and techniques that Cluster B survivors know…these people get that this man is a malignant narcissist.

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