1. I don’t believe Trump did anything illegal, I believe Mueller and his team have threatened Cohen to say these things in exchange for the 3 year sentence and to try and destroy Trump

  2. Trump is a coward intern of using people who are loyal to him. He is a man with thousand masks, if one is removed the other one is revealed. So he never shows his true identity. It's sad for the US to have an amorality person like him sitting in the Oval Office. It's humiliated to the world when the US is considered a leading country in democracy, a role model in humanity.

  3. Here's a lawyer that is now a criminal. He should have followed the law, that's why people pay thousands to lawyers because they're the ones to know the laws. President Trump is correct again!

  4. I protest voted in the 2016 Presidential election because I didn't like either candidate. However, I've tried to keep an open mind on President Trump. Now after giving him a chance for two years, I'm afraid that Mr. Trump is just not fully up to the job. I pray that a dignified, honest and moderate candidate steps forward to give us a credible alternative.

  5. Did you think this was stormy's first shake down of a rich guy, NO. NY STATE AG IS
    NOW COMING AFTER AKA. Stormy Daniels who's real name is Stephanie Gregory
    Clifford and her Lawyer Keith Davidson, Who Negotiated EXTORTION / BLACKMAIL
    Hush Money Deal, Lost His License Twice. But here comes the NEW YORK state AG
    for blackmail and extortion. Other victims of hers has now come forward to
    press charges including conspiracy to defraud. Allen Weissenberg, Stormy
    Daniels and co conspirators Keith Davidson along with Lawyer Michael Avenatti.
    Clinton mole Michael Cohen faces criminal probe by New York AG. Cohen has a
    very long history of criminal activity of extortion blackmailer con on people
    after setting them up to be victims like Trump.

  6. You can actually see it in his face he does look like he’s “free”. He looks like he’s being himself and not playing a tough, rough guy role. So I understand what he means when he says he’s “free”. He seems like a humble guy, just got mentally fucked and played by trump after all these years. I’m going to say it, trump will throw his own damn kids in the river, watch out Trump Jr, YOUR NEXT!

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