Trump ‘Ivanka would be dynamite’ at the UN – BBC News

But President Trump says he will not be giving his daughter the UN ambassadorship because he would be accused of nepotism.

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  1. I'm with Trump 99% of the way. The only thing that I disagree with is the arms sales to Saudi Arabia and if he replaced Nikki with Ivanka.
    Other than that, A+ from me, and I'll vote for Trump in 2020 to piss the rest of you off.

  2. The U$A should stop being super creepy, and start electing towards bringing science-based into politics. Those algae blooms are not good. And thats due to greed that puts phosphorus into the water mainly from antiquated farming practices. See that serious storm about to hammer Florida? Trump wants to pretend his oily investment portfolio has nothing to do with it. Yes, stop electing religiou$ narcissists, global warming is that rapture..

  3. Media asks Trump if Ivanka could be UN Ambassador.

    Trump says she would be great at the job.

    Media goes crazy and asks why he brought her name up for the position.

  4. thank God they got rid of the deeply evil Pakistani, Nikki Haley (real name, Nimrata Durka Durka Randhawa)

    Nimrata Randhawa was warmongering like mad in tandem with Satanist, Theresa May's fake gas attacks in Syria, and Fake nerve agent attacks in Britain (it is a terrible mistake to put women in power – they abuse it to kill)

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