Trump Inaugural Committee Under Investigation: What to Know

President Trump’s inaugural committee is being investigated by prosecutors in New York. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday explains what is known about the committee’s fundraising and spending.

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  1. He & his daughter (whom he thinks is hot 🤮) will both be locked up.
    They've fucked over the American people.

    Times up.

    Lock him up! Lock her giraffe-looking- self up! I hear she's a trans. Jared looks more like a woman than her.

  2. You really think they're going to be able to find out if he violated federal corruption laws? Even if he did? You really think any of those individuals or companies are going to give it up and say," oh yeah we wanted political favors in exchange for our money."
    What a stupid investigation.
    The only thing that they will be able to tell beyond a shadow of a doubt is where the money was spent. Misspending funds is a far cry from breaking federal corruption laws.

  3. $40M is unaccounted for and members of the trump team have stated that there the Inaugural committee was massively overbilled by the trump properties for rooms, meals and other items, that they mentioned it at the time and were afraid of any possible later audit.

    Now they are being audited and the trump fans are pretending that laws don't apply to trump.

  4. Here is what the American people know, this is getting ridiculous the amount of money spent on which hunts and the hypocrisy of the left is literally criminal and the american people will not tolerate this much longer

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