Trump chief of staff candidate drops out live on CNN

Rick Santorum says he would be honored to be chief of staff, but that his family situation doesn’t allow him to do it.

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  1. Rick santorum – the very definition of a smarmy swamp-dwelling rat. It says a lot when even this rat won't take a job in Trumps WH. 'Not right for my family' Yeah whatever Rick, your disingenuous face betrays everything you say.

  2. Santorum, you're as big a liar as DT. Shame on you. You say you have a family, do they realise the lies you're telling? What an example to show our children? You've handed over your dignity to DT.

  3. It's bad enough Republicans are full of shit now they don't even try to appeal to the people outside from their unconstitutional behavior in violating the separation of church and state and supporting fake religious cults.

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