Trump changes his story on 'Tim Apple' flub

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President Trump gives two different versions explaining his “Tim Apple” flub. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports on Applegate.

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  1. I dislike Trump very much and he could've just you know laughed it off and stuff, but we know his ego is too big for that. But goddamn CNN there are important things to do than make a whole news segment out of this. We already know that Trump says stupid things and will continue doing so. Nothing shocking here. Leave this stuff to the late night hosts.

  2. he made a mistake whats the big deal? Hillary deleted more than 30,000 top secret emails and none of you libtards gave a shit, but trump calls someone the wrong name by accident and its the end of the world. Bill Clinton rapes women and none of you libtards gives a shit.

  3. This is why we know trump has thin skin. Everyone has slips of the tounge or brainfarts. But hes given at least 3 different explanations of this small, barely relevant sound bite. He cant even tell the truth on this one tiny little blip in his career.

  4. Ehemaliger Jugendrichter dransaliert weiter – diesmal als Streifenpolizist in der nächsten Stadt – dem deutschen Staat ist wieder alles scheiss egal

  5. Everyone knows the fat piece of sh*t said Tim🍎. This moron should increase his meds or be put in an old age home for the mentally insane.

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