Trump aides backpedal after ‘tone deaf’ outcry

Accusations of insensitivity swirl after Trump aides went on camera seemingly indifferent to the plight of furloughed federal workers during the partial government shutdown. CNN’s Abby Phillip has the latest. #CNN #News


  1. Immigrants are "stealing" jobs while Trump and friends are not paying those who already have one. Makes perfect sense. 😒 Can we please stop electing out of touch old rich guys that know only how to be users that rant about meddling kids. Men that believe the ends justify the means and so will get theirs bending or breaking any ethical, moral and legal principle in the process.

  2. Baldy here seems to not understand if everyone is going to work without pay, then they get payed, then the government is in fact open. What must happen is that there needs to be a default supply bill that comes into play if the government cannot have a budget passed.

  3. If you parents are millionaires or you have 800 million in the bank, it is impossible to acquaint your self with the reality of living between pay checks and if anything interrupts the flow of income even for one pay period it can tip you over the financial edge. How do I know, because it is well within my memory bank to remember when I and my family were in the same territory worrying, just because we have moved into calmer and safer waters does not mean we have forgotten the fear we used to have about the regular income stream.

  4. I know the shutdown is temporarily over, but a lot of these federal workers may have loans on their homes or cars already. Now, they are expected to leave work and go to banks to get loans. Guess how long that takes to go through. Don't play with people's lives for your darn wall. Play the system. Now we have the House Republicans dragging their heels on selecting their side of the House Intelligence Committee. If they don't elect members, the committe cannot function. They're pulling another Mitch move. No subpoenas can take place, no interviews, and the Dems can't hand over intel to Mueller. These republicans are truly bottom feeders.

  5. America continues to demonstrate why they are ranked 17th in the world in education! The so called leader of the free world tells the world that climate change is a hoax. I guess that is making America great again? As the world witnessed this week Trump's cabinet members could not understand why the furlough (not getting paid) government workers would have to go to food banks and why they could not go to a bank and get a loan after 35 days without pay. As a Canadian who has friends that came to Canada 40 years ago and have family still in the Ukraine when Putin invades the rest of the Ukraine the only member of NATO who will not respond is the USA. That is why Germany is talking about a European military force because America cannot be counted on. Before I retired, I met with a a person who lost his brother fighting in Afghanistan and was killed. NATO stood with America when 9/11 occurred. I now clearly see that his ultimate sacrifice was for nothing as America will not stand shoulder to shoulder with NATO members. His pain and the pain of all NATO members who have lost love ones is something I can only imagine and I pray for them.

  6. Wilbur Ross really thinks that ppl can just walk into a bank and say – "Hey, don't worry, my salary is guaranteed," and the banks won't bother looking at their credit scores, their financial history, they won't ask for collatoral? Yeah, sure Wilbur, that's how it works, you just walk and say "Wilbur Ross says i can pay this back" and they open the safe right up for you.

  7. Wake up people the comments these two worthless. This is the people you vote for you fucking stupid assholes republicans. These bums are the reason why I left the republican party and became a independent. The are all rich selfish and don't care about the middle class. But you fucking stupid assholes vote for them and you are get what you now deserve. I hope you are happy and you get fucked over big time.

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