Top 5 Best Smart Door Locks To Protect Your Home | Best Electronic Keyless Smartlock

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All of the different types of smart home products —wifi lights, thermostats and Surveillance cameras,smart doorbell ,to name a few — smart door locks are among the most popular. Smart locks are pieces of technology that let you lock and unlock your doors with keyless entry using your smartphone. Smart home locks replace your keys and offer improved security. Most electronic door locks come with one or more means of entry, which include deadbolts,Radio Frequency Identification (RFID),…


  1. If August lock unlocks the door when you get close to the door then if you are inside the house and you get close to the door with your phone and you don't want to unlock the door, does your door gets unlocked? I don't think that is safe.

  2. i need something like this, i rented a room and they didn't let me change the lock!! besides i wanted to intall and extra one and they refused, they keep a key… i just hate that because i don't trust one lock, i wish i could buy this D

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