Top 27 Upcoming PC Games for 2018

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List of the best new PC video games coming soon this 2018.. These are the most anticipated titles that will be releasing for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Support this channel by buying these games thru the Amazon links below:
Code Vein
Crackdown 3
Darksiders III
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Far Cry 5
Final Fantasy XV …


  1. Damn 2018 is going to be a shit year for games… except for Metro Exodus of course, and perhaps far cry 5 and Vampyr, but those are up in the air. Far cry 5 will likely be ok but mediocre with little innovation like FC4 was, and Vampyr is being made by a studio with no track record, and not the same people who made Vampire the Masquerade. So that might be good, or it might be utter shit. Judging by the trailers and gameplay footage, it looks very unpolished and mediocre, so I am guessing it is going to be crap.

    But barely any games coming out this year. 2017 had so many more releases announced by the end of 2016…. I'm already out of games to play and bored 🙁

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