Top 10 NEW Medieval Games of 2018

Aye, Lords and Ladies. Many medieval games in 2018 fit for more than peasants! Ye olde Gameranx brings you a list of the fairest medieval games a discerning player might partake in this year…

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10: Graveyard Keeper

Platform: PC XBOX ONE

Release Date: TBA 2018

9: Dark Souls Remastered

Platform: PC May 24, 2018

Release Date: PS4 Xbox One. May 25, 2018. Nintendo Switch. Q3 2018

8: Eitr

Platform: PS4, PC, Linux,…


  1. Still waitin for a norse mythology game in the style of SHADOW OF MORDOR and SHADOW OF WAR. except with character creation and a larger open immersive

  2. Age of Empires Definitive is not only a shit remaster, but it's barely set in the Medieval era. It doesn't even count as new. Kingdom Come: Deliverance should obviously take first place.

  3. how could you say that Kingdom Come's combat system is to some degree bad?! sir, you have no fucking clue what you're talking about! i thought you know games…

  4. My favorite medievil game is: Alex the kid on the 8-bit sega 🙂 If your older then 35 you will understand why it is my favourit medievil time game 🙂

  5. Hi everyone,      What I'm looking for is a solid medieval game, no mythical/fantasy elements at all.. true to the era game… where the focus is not on the fighting, but rather, the social/economic point of view. A great 1st person viewpoint where you are in the game running a shop in a chosen career you pick ie; Blacksmith, Carpenter, Fisherman, Hunter, Logger, Miner, Farmer, Tailor, Tanner, Butcher, Herbalist, Soldier/Guard for the kingdom, Sheep/Cattle/Pig herder, Tavern owner, Inn Keeper, etc. Each persons skills have impacts on everyone else's craft. Example, a miner mining for iron ore, would gather his ore, sell what he needed to market, then a blacksmith would buy that iron ore and mold it into ..say .. fishing hooks, where a fisherman would buy it… in turn, a carpenter would be needed to make a fishing pole and sell it on the market .. and a tailor would make a thread for the line for that fishing pole. See how there is a tree of different crafts involved to make one item. and in the end, the fisherman/woman would catch fish, sell them to market where he/she would make money and people would have food to eat. Same example for clothing.. A hunter would use a bow and arrow to shoot a deer or bear… sell the hide/meat to market, where a tanner would make hides from it (leather/furs) (butcher would buy the meat 🙂  ) ..then sell it to market where a tailor would buy it and make a coat/leather armor/clothing , then sell it so someone would have a coat to wear in the winter. It would be a game where everyone would need to work together to survive… from starvation, weather – winter/freezing to death, attacks from other kingdoms = war/raids, … plagues/sickness – herbalists could gather herbs to make medicines to help heal people/sages, etc. The list can go on and on. Would be plenty to do and would be lots of fun. And to make it fair so others cant ruin it… say.. put items to market so only their friends can buy it for insanely expensive prices, all items at market will have a price range .. a min/max amount for that particular item, depending on the demand/time of year, then all people who need it would put in their bid and a random person would be selected to receive the item. So no more cornering the market. The last thing we need is a toxic community to ruin a  game like this which I believe would set a new higher standard for a MMO game… great graphics, easy learning curve, NO P2W BS !!(pay to win) , (like Black Desert Online) !!.. although a monthly subscription would be in order, like maybe 10-15 a month would be reasonable. Anyways.. feel free to comment and add your ideas, concerns and who knows ..maybe a kick-starter could set this off in the right direction!

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