Top 10 CITY BUILDING Games 2018 – Build Ancient Cities, Frostpunk Towns and Bases on Mars

Upcoming New STRATEGY games 2018 and New SIMULATION games 2018
The Best City Builder games coming up for PC Mac PS4 XBOX ONE. Gameplay & trailers.

0:08 Industries of Titan
1:12 The Colonists
2:20 Sugarmill
3:54 Goblins of Elderstone
5:12 Anno 1800
6:14 Ostriv
8:16 Surviving Mars
9:44 Tropico 6
10:48 Frostpunk
12:13 Ancient Cities

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  1. Tropico 6 in a nutshell: Mostly updated UI, Bigger map, some extra cosmetic buildings and monuments. But… no new mechanics, improved population systems or other stuff. Basically tropico 5 with a little bit of makeover

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