Tom Brady’s Infamous Football Cheating Scandal

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We cover one of the most talked about cases in sports history.

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  1. so is shane going to come back at some point if they pick back up on the supernatural or true crime series or is he forever replaced by zack? because that would be very unfortunate

  2. If the Colts player that reported the ball as under-inflated could tell though, wouldn't Brady be able to? I mean clearly its tough to notice but if this guy was able to tell then it is possible.

  3. DUUUUDDEEE………..NEVER, NEVERRRR underestimate or dismiss BILL NYE the SCIENCE GUY!! ( If you do any amount of research at all, you will see how incredibly smart, thoughtful, compassionate, generous and always willing to teach someone really ready to learn he is.
    “There will always be someone in this world that knows something you don’t know.” -Bill Nye

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