1. That kid with Alexa story was so funny and reminded me of when, as a young news reporter I bought my first laptop and I typed in the address bar, ‘whitehouse.com’ expecting to reach the White House website, but the address was to a porn accessories website!

  2. the way to avoid fear about private info being used against you is just to be unashamed of it, thereby removing the power (obviously excluding illegal activity). so if someone finds pics of me and my ex, I would just shrug and say "ok, you looked at that, so what? everyone has sex and I was in a relationship doing what the whole world does in relationships." Yes, of course on an inner level it is "embarrassing" and we don't want people we know to see us in intimate situations, especially anatomical parts of us that we sort of treasure or only share with "special" people, however, ask yourself: is it embarrassing becuase you did something wrong? Unless you broke the law, the answer is: no, it's embarrassing becuase society tells you it is and therefore, you react that way, giving society power. the point is that denial and shame amplify the situation. honesty, humor and even a little blissful ignorance totally kill trolls and people who want to take power from you with these things. look at obama. right when he got elected he published a biography admitting to drug use. out of all the bullshit people sad about him for all those years, did anyone use his factual drug usa against him, ever? NO!!! becuase they knew it had no power over him, he'd admitted it and moved on. he deflated any possibilty of trolling. meanwhile, clinton had attempted to deny and deflect about marijuana use which totally blew up in his face. honestly I'm more embarrassed for the people who think bodies and sex and minor drug use is so shameful in the first place…i'm sort of sorry for them since clearly thier lives are really boring or they are living by really harsh puritanicle rules that limit their experiences as human beings.

  3. Oh the IIoT… Issue is most of these devices don't have great security and if they get hacked, that is a new path for a hacker to compromise the rest of your network. Everyone has flat networks without any FW or security between devices and many people don't even know have to secure Wi-Fi. It's going to become an issue sooner rather than latter.

  4. being in technology, this is the stupidest thing I've seen. IoT is the next big thing, which includes a lot of data collection and analytics. The more devices that communicate to each the other, the easier it is to stay safe, especially on the road. And yea, hackers can get into these these, but how many hackers are there compared to just normal thieves who break into houses? There's a reason why companies have their own hackers to hack products to test security breaches. Hacking is not that easy.

    Also, that alexa thing was totally set up. Someone made "digger, digger" the trigger word for that soundtrack.

  5. Love him,,and the fact that he has an accent make me love him even more at ha shows that people w/o aren't limited. Lol. I miss Trevor but he is probably somewhere enjoying Easter

  6. I just love Ronny Chang (don't know how to spell his name), he's my favourite of the show. I can so relate to his constant angry ranting about people's stupidity 😀

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