Three New Trucks – One Epic Off-Road Comparison: 2019 Ford Raptor vs Chevy Trailboss vs Ram Rebel!

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( ) 2019 Ford Raptor, Chevy Trailboss, and Ram…


  1. While I don’t like the look of the GM, exterior and interior, that was the one that impressed me the most so I’d pick that one. $70K+ for a Truck that’s essentially a toy is ridiculous in my mind. And the Ram is a well a fiat and fiat is a Bi-word for shit quality.

  2. 2 out of 3 of these guys just aren't good at off road driving. They never seem to take the best line or use momentum in sections that call for it. So many times scrapes and hard times could have been avoided.

  3. Approach / Departure angle. Knowing you'll hit the tailpipes and then just basically focusing on that particular part the entire video could have been better. Go UP more stuff because that's defying gravity's will to pull you down. Also, much more exciting than .6mph going down.

  4. Idk the trail boss and rebel are close. I personally would take the Ram. Diff locker, descent control, metal skid plates for a little more is worth it in my opinion. The Silverado looks really sharp but the Ram interiors beat the crap out of Ford and Chevy's interiors.

  5. Wow I just found out expensive trucks can go down hill, and still can’t compete even though there 1/2 tons with my power wagon, great job, glad I bought my mountain goat.

  6. Why don't these designers run those tailpipes out the sides and flush is beyond me on the off road packages. Seems like they never considered the read end bottoming out like that.

  7. All of the featured trucks are bad ass. Kind of tired of the "i have a bigger dick than you" banter. I will totally agree the inside still hasn't changed on the GMs foooorrrr eeeeeeverrrrr…. but I am ok with that. Its familiar and im used to it. This is a slight fanboy statement but GM has stepped up their game for off road capability….. You really cant deny that. I was Ford for 28 years until I drove a Chevy 19 years ago. Now I am all about the capability off road. comfy seats and get me out of trouble when I need you my little ZR2 and I am a happy camper. Don't hate! we all have our preference for a reason. I have mine and you are entitled to yours. Why dont we all just go out and see how well we can tame our own beast! So dumb to say I have a better truck than you. I earned it, its what i chose…… I am a fricken american, I have that right! Challenge accepted. Lets see what YOU can do behind the wheel of your BAD ASS TRUCK!!!!!!

  8. Thinking I would go with the trail boss. Like the look a little better than the Rebel (though both look great) and it performed quite well in the Moab testing. Have test driven all three on road myself, and while the raptor is fantastic, I would not drop that much on a new truck unless all I was using it for was to baja in. Since I need a truck to do many more jobs, would go with the trail boss and a new dirt bike for the price of the raptor. Just my take given my experiences, lifestyle, and what I saw in this video.
    Also, when the rebel and trail boss both came came close to the tree, were they still in 4-HI rather than 4-LOW? Certainly looked that way given the speed of their rear tire spins, while the raptor sounded like it was in 4-LOW. Fun video in any case. Thanks TFL!

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