Thousands march in Barcelona streets – BBC News

Hundreds of thousands of Catalan pro-independence demonstrators have gathered in Barcelona, to mark Catalonia’s national day.

It’s the first such celebration since separatist politicians were thwarted in their bid to declare Catalan independence from Spain, in October last year.

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  1. I have a sword taken from a dead Spaniard by one of my ancestors, that helped drive the Spaniards into Mexico and conquer the American southwest from the King of Spain, back in the 1800's. Once we conquered the present day states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, etc etc. we headed down to Mexico city and had the place under siege, then the king of Spain begged for a truce and gave us Puerto Rico, Guam, the Philippines, and other territories if we would let him keep Mexico. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is, you're not gonna gain independence from a monarch, without guns and a war. The king laughed at those protest flags and banners, and sent in his armed military to squash the movement and arrest the Catalonian leaders. The king of Spain is not gonna give up part of his kingdom without a fight. Power is in the barrel of a gun, and those dictator monarchs know this. It's why they keep their populations disarmed with strict gun control. You're not gonna overthrow them with flags and protest banners.

  2. Ha ha. Brainwashed? I called it use your brain. How can it be illegal not wanting to be part of spain???? Its a few millions of them.
    It.s a bit like, if your wife tells you that she wants to divorce you and you tell her it.s illigal. got two choices, be nice to her or get divorce. What does spain do beat her up and send her to jail.
    WELL DONE SPAIN. what a joke of a country.
    Dont.t bother to reply got more important things than talking politics. Just think about it.

  3. The “Diada” is supposed to be a cultural festivity to honor and celebrate in all Catalonia. However, it seems that through the years it started to change into a persistent politic gathering protesters demonstration pro-independence by a minority part of the population. They managed to change all together its real history and flags used in the tradition. By the way the large numbers in these demonstrations, not all of them are People from Catalonia. BBC news is not a very reliable channel anyway. Most international news are manipulated. One of the reasons I unsubscribed to this channel.

  4. I'm a normal girl that lives in Valencia, a city from Spain. Catalunya did that referèndum in an ilegal way so the government stopped them. Also the other half of the Catalunya's population don't want this, it's just a separatist way. They are destroying the convivence in their cities.. This is not good for our country

  5. People have the right to chose who governs them and if these people no longer want the Spanish government to rule them they as humans have that right. Look at how many country's have had country's like the US tell their citizens this same thing. So if it is OK to tell people in places like Libya,Syria and others they have the right to choose then same goes here and every where.

  6. There are not a lot of news from Spain except football and sometimes illegal immigrants..I think they are living peacefully than some of the European countries

  7. You going to cover how the EU is hammering Hungry for not opening up its borders to trillions of rapists and assorted scum? The EU project is muh globalist agenda and always has been. Good luck Catalonia, get independence one way or another but you will be hit with muh punishments and muh sanctions and probably muh trial in muh Hague. Oy vey!

  8. Spain is a rich nation and part of Europe. What is the thing they want to achieve that they cannot by being part of Spain? They have same religion, speak language of same family, cultures are not that different yet they want independence! I don't understand the motive.

  9. Maybe Spain should be like France and eliminate the Basque and Catalan language's official status right?

    France doesn't have these problems because they successfully ethnically cleansed French Basque Country and Catalonia. No culture = No Independence…yay France!

  10. I think every city/region should have independence, as there are clear economic and cultural differences between them.
    But wait!
    Within cities every neighborhood is also vastly different! Ok, I guess every neighborhood should have independence.
    But wait!
    There are economic and cultural differences between every household! Ok, I guess every household should have independence…
    Awesome that we have democracy, now every household can stand strong for themselves against nations like China and Russia. GAME OVER.

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