Thousand Oaks: ‘Mass shooting’ reported at California bar – BBC News

Police say they are responding to reports of a mass shooting at bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

Multiple people have been injured at the Borderline Bar and Grill, but it is not yet clear if there are fatalities.

Footage broadcast on local media showed people being carried away from the scene, apparently with gunshot injuries.

Police have asked people to stay away from the area as they respond.

The bar was hosting a college country music night on Wednesday, according to its website.

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  1. Don't forget. You as Americans condone this, you're fine that this happened. Don't cop out now that there's 11 victims own it. Mass shootings are an acceptable part of life in the US. Follow this up for a couple of days and then forget it. You all don't give a shit innocent people die in your streets. Don't you dare send your useless thoughts and prayers.

  2. the girl that plays as a "witness" is talking about mass shooting that she just witnessed minutes ago and her face and attitude are soooo relaxed , without ANY signs of stress and fair ha ha . untalented ACTOR! ALL these "attacks" in USA and Europe are hollywood scenes of medias and actors! DON'T believe to any of these fake news created by CRIMINALS!
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  3. Another mass shooting Wednesday, Oct 8. This year there have been 307 mass shootings. Evil is in the air. Trump was paid 30 million dollars by the Russian backed NRA. The Russians want to destroy our democracy through Trump. That's why they put him in. I'm sure they are both proud of the chaos they have caused in the US. Our democracy is under siege. A Christian may see that Trump may very well be the son of Satan: 2 Corinthians @. Trump is the father of lies.

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