Thousand Oaks: Gunman kills 12 in California bar – BBC News

At least 12 people have been killed, including a police officer, at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

Reports say the shooting began at about 23:20 local time on

Wednesday at the Borderline Bar and Grill about 40 miles (65km) north-west of Los Angeles.

Another 10-12 people were injured in the attack.

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Police say there are “multiple fatalities” after a shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

Reports say the shooting began at about 23:20 local time on

Wednesday at the Borderline Bar and Grill about 40 miles (65km) north-west of Los Angeles.

Officials have confirmed the suspect is now dead, and have said there were at least 11 victims in the attack.

At least 200 people were reportedly inside the bar attending a college country music night at the time.

“When deputies arrived they heard shots being fired, it was an active shooter situation,” Ventura County Sheriff’s office spokesman Eric Buschow said.

“They entered the location and I can tell you there are multiple fatalities, multiple injuries, among the victims is one of our sheriff’s deputies that responded in that initial call, as well as the shooter.”

Police have said the number of injured is expected to rise.


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  2. If this was any other country it would be “violence erupts during elections” it would be violent erupts because an elections coming. The past couple of weeks leading to the midterm site has been quite violent

  3. I've lived in Texas my whole life. My family and I want to leave. This country has become so terrifying. Our daughter is only three and about to start going to school. This is happening too much. The economy is still in ruin and the living costs have gone sky-high.

  4. Both my family and I feel truly sorry for all of the peaceful people in the US. We do not want any of this for anyone. Rest in Peace all the victims. Our prays and thoughts to their family and friends and to all of the police corps who do and give all they can. Best from Greenland.

  5. When will America learn, they travel thousands of miles to kill thousands of people abroad in the name of peace, surely peace in your own country is paramount! The more you kill abroad in the name of peace aka oil theft, the more God will punish you with your own people!!!

  6. Everybody in America should have a gun and learn to use them and carry them all the time. A gunman fire once, 30 other guns fire back, once. Unless the shooter is a loony or suicidal, most will just walk away. Now, every American is a target because they can't shoot back because the law says they can't carry a gun. The police are useless in this kind of situation because it is after the fact. The best way to protect yourselves is to arm your selves and carry all the time. M.A.D. concept. Maybe the citizens of America should exercise their 1st Amendment right and petition to be able to defend themselves based on the 2nd Amendment. Remember, the Mayor or Senator, the people voted them in.

  7. In my view the actual state of madness is much deeper rooted in US policies . Trump just amplifies this status…If Washington will not react properly, general situation will be much worse…So division&divided country, as it was never before, such a messy atmosphere….US are one of the three superpowers alongside with China&Russia….so they must be a sustainable&stabilized country to have the strength to answer the big challenges we, PEOPLE OF THE WORLD VILLAGE ARE FACING WITH…For the sake of Humanity and its peaceful development…

  8. they invest so much , in trillions to prevent terrorist attacks when shooting killings in america outnumber terrorist killing by a huge margin but still there is very little outrage or will to stop these shootings. It makes terrorism look like a political tool used by the west for its disproportionate focus on terrorism when their own citizens are killing their fellow countrymen

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