The women who made history in the mid-terms – BBC News

The number of women running for election in this year’s US mid term elections was at an all-time high, and an unprecedented number ended up winning.
Before Tuesday, there were 107 women in Congress, and that figure has been passed.
Among the many firsts: the first two Muslim congresswomen, Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar; the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; and the first Native American women in Congress, New Mexico’s Debra Haaland and Sharice Davids of Kansas.

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  1. It looks like America will be the new 3rd World Country. If people can't run their country right than, come here and want to run things than, nope it's not going to work, it will be a flop! Yet, they all want to benefit from Western Civilization, and not the civilization of their country. This 3rd world racist colored angry at white people lunatics will ruin this system down to the ground!

  2. Oh my fuck. Europe is currently being taken by Muslims and their London Mayor and now America is at their starting stage of the doom. Trump, I may not like you, but stop this Muslim women before her ideas brainwash others and multiples. Save The Last Western Country From MUSLIMS.

  3. Well done President Trump. Only the 5th time in 105 years that an incumbent President has kept and gained seats in the mid term Senate race. This President is truly amazing. Hes a rock star.

  4. Ahm jus sayin, if women are so great at running countries, just say what were doing wrong, because we've literally tried everything already to make everyone happy all of the time and nothing worked, why keep it all a secret until youre elected?

  5. Really great to see the US diversify the house and the senate , but folks Cortez please why and how Cortez
    She has literally no idea how the system works talks complete and utter nonsense and is a hard line far left post modernist who thinks actual cited science is the propaganda of the tyrannical patriarchy. Very very stupid and actually dangerous woman . Look out New York you asked for it

  6. The hypocrisy is big here BBC. You realise you are being sexist and racist?
    So you're cool wth the woman who married her brother and supports female genital mutilation because she has dark skin and a vagina?

  7. They call America racist and intolerant yet the most stupidest candidate made it in. Woman has zero answers for policies she wants implemented and made it. Congress got a bit dumber

  8. It’s not that it was earned or they one won because they were the best person for the job. It’s just backlash of what was in office. So don’t get your panties in a bunch , you still have fetch my paper and cook breakfast and take loads

  9. I hope these women are going into politics for the right reasons. "Two wrongs don't make a right" should be foremost in their minds – the mainstream media can't be relied upon to remind them of that but I'm sure there will be many law-abiding and hardworking taxpayers who will.

  10. Why do the left celebrate this? Either they think non-whites to be in some sense superior to whites. If so – they’re racist. Or they believe it demonstrates whites having overcome their innate racism by electing her. But to believe whites to be racist is in itself racist.

  11. Right, because in 2018 we vote on people based on their gender and race instead of their merit, but only if they lean heavily to the left, they're not White and preferably not a man is this acceptable…..

  12. So many new hand-wringers to mutely acquiesce to whatever gross breaches of constitution and the founding principles the inhuman creature in the white house gets to next. He will brutalize the future of everyone's children further and further, and the american reasonables will bend in the wind like the weeping willows they are. You might as well call state of exception already.

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