The Tarnished Image of ‘Transparent’

Once hailed as progressive and enlightened, the Amazon series “Transparent” now must reckon with sexual misconduct allegations against Jeffrey Tambor, who stars in it as a transgender woman.

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  1. They should have cast a trans woman. Not all successful shows/movies start out with well known actors in leading roles. Just look at Stranger Things or Harry Potter. The kids didn’t come to see it for Maggie Smith.

  2. People should start calling trans women women. A trans woman doesn't identify as a trans woman, she identifies as a woman because she is a woman. It is misogyny to say otherwise.

  3. All those people if u asked them twenty years ago are they ok with this they would say only bad things. Do you remember Ellen DeGeneres coming out? People attacked her and now that same people "love" her because it's"trendy" and okay

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