The search for the Titanic was a secret Cold War mission

Robert Ballard, the man who led the expedition to find the wreckage of the RMS Titanic, tells CNN’s Erica Hill it was all a front for a secret Cold War Navy mission to find wrecked nuclear submarines.

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  1. Im curious why this story is just getting in the media as this story has been able to be told for the better part of ten years. There is a documentary on this story that is about eight or ten years old that I have seen.

  2. Your title got me to click CNN and all it is, is that secret WHAT… wasn't this secret have been out for so long now CNN…
    Their were even documentary about it long long long time ago. This is old news CNN…

    Back to VICENEWS I go I knew I should of not click.

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  4. CNN didn't even report the fact that the US government spent more money on the Monika Lewinsky investigation than they did on the 911 commission so why would anyone belive anything you say?

  5. We already knew it was a mission to find nuclear subs. Want a new Titanic story to run, we here at Titanic Truths are working build the ultimate fan experience for Titanic. We would love to discuss what its about with you.

    Btw. Ballard isnt telling the whole story still. Theres more to the official discovery than people know. We have done videos on what he wont say.

  6. Excuse me, "What the nuclear reactor was doing to the environment"???? We dumps Thousands of tons of such filth into the ocean for decades. Fukushima is over a 1000 Chernobyls. A nuke sub is small fry potatoes in nuclear filth. But knowing the TECHNOLOGY is why we went after it. No altruism is the act. This is the CNN spin on the Cold War Has Returned. The Soviet Union was the threat. It is certain enteties find duccor in violence

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  8. All the usual suspects are here TODAY….the CNN haters, guys off their meds, insomniacs, morbid humorist, one or two respectable people who can appreciate good REPORTING about a horrible, tragic event in history…..

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