The Problem with YouTube Rewind!

A look into YouTube Rewind from someone who was in it. Is this what you wanted?

YouTube Rewind 2011:
YouTube Rewind 2012:
YouTube Rewind 2013:
YouTube Rewind 2014:
YouTube Rewind 2015:
YouTube Rewind 2016:
YouTube Rewind 2017:
YouTube Rewind 2018:

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  1. Would people have a problem if they gave the screen people the time they wanted and made it like a 20-30 minute video.
    It is a years worth or content in 7 minutes and thats fucking hard to do.

  2. No shit it becam the most disliked. Started off with the premise: "give them what they want". Proceeds to give us shit content. You also had the whole entire BTS fandom and Pewdiepie's fandom disliking the video for different purposes. No fucking surprise it became the worst and most disliked rewind.

  3. Make a video no one will like, people will want to see it why its so disliked- views, ads, money. Creators make explanation/apology videos – views,ads, money. Other creators make videos of other creators explanation/apology videos- views,ads,money. Good plan

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