The Oval Office showdown between Trump and Schumer, Pelosi

Trump, Pelosi and Schumer were scheduled to meet at the White House to reach an agreement on border funding to avert a potential government shutdown. No agreement was made.




  1. Yeah Right! Shumer and Pelosi, need to get the HELL OUT of Progress! I think is time for those two DINOSAURS to RETIRED! I think Nancy Pelosi, already has dementia. She can even remember what she is going to say, or think! The other Duochebag Shumer, looks like the only thing in his CORRUPTED mind is, how to get even with President Trump. I mean, you can see the HATRED on his distorted face. Then, they have the audacity to call our GREAT President, a RACIST and a BIGOT! When is very clear, they are the ones, full of hate, and bad intentions. That's why they DON'T want camaras in the room. So the American people, don't see their HATE, and DISTORTED FACES! VOTE TRUMP 2020!

  2. "“HOMER wrote his Poem, called the Odyssey, some Hundred Years before the Birth of Christ. He frequently speaks of what he calls not only the Duties, but the sacred Rites of Hospitality, (exercised towards Strangers, while in our House or Territory) as including, besides all the common Circumstances of Entertainment, full Safety and Protection of Person, from all Danger of Life, from all Injuries, and even Insults. The Rites of Hospitality were called sacred, because the Stranger, the Poor and the Weak, when they applied for Protection and Relief, were, from the Religion of those Times, supposed to be sent by the Deity to try the Goodness of Men, and that he would avenge the Injuries they might receive, where they ought to have been protected." – Benjamin Franklin

  3. Don't bother mentioning the record deficit! "U.S. Budget Deficit Hits Record $204.9 Billion for November" As if we have $5 billion to burn on a stupid wall or $40+ billion on israel!!

  4. oh , all the sudden the government experts come out lol the same people who were silent for eight years while a traitor ran the country in the ground …ok got it

  5. What outrageous arrogance from the 2 slime ball democrats. Disrespecting Trump in his white house. They need to be taken to a Virginia horse farm, tied to a fence post and horse whipped until their minds are made right.

  6. Trump wants transparency. Pelosi wants to talk behind closed doors. Build the wall.
    We have a great Economy now. We can afford it. We can’t afford feeding and housing thousands of refugees.

  7. TRUMP WILL SHUT DOWN the government because he wants 5 BILLIONS DOLLARS. pay for his 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS for his debts and rest on the WALL…bahaha

  8. you want to know the irony of a lot of this stuff 5 billion dollar sounds like a lot of money it's pissing the ocean on the total budget but it sounds like a lot of money. but it's for our safety if you don't want to worry about safety how about this a hundred fifty billion that Obama gave to Iran so they can continue their terrorism okay look at that hundred fifty billion for people who do terrorism vs 5 billion to stop it.

  9. The only one staying in his whole face is Schumer and Pelosi and Trump on camera in the White House the one thing the Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi could only look at themselves they could not even look at the president that is hate number to that is the proven fact that they can't look at someone they're lying. turn the fucking story you democrat you got to leaders right there who are such fucking Towers Liars that they can't even look at the president of the United States and trying the beta Steven said in fact let's debate this privately because they don't have the courage to do it in front of the people they don't have the courage to be transparent in government they don't have the courage to tell the truth.

  10. as a tax payer – I’m not paying for your stupid wall – and for all the stupid & uninformed trumptards, with a government shutdown some areas will have law enforcement with no pay, good luck with that

  11. These democrats are a joke schumer won't even look at trumps face, coward . The american people voted for this president and these moron democrats just don't get it . " DRAIN THE SWAMP MR. PRESIDENT "

  12. wow! snake lady and the gremlin dude sure do look shady, are there any body language experts out there? You dont have to know them personally to clearly see that these 2 people sitting with the President of the United States of America look like pathetic little sneaky creatures. I wont be watching this video because well abc is an attention W#0re – the National Inquirer of the internet, but I watched the clip @ 2x speed on mute yesterday after watching it normally the first time… it was very telling. All they needed was that other woman who screams impeach all the time and you would have the full face of the left. Good Luck with that conniving reptile crew.

  13. Trump is s fucking genius. Just because he's now older and a little crotchety doesn't mean that his mind doesn't work pretty much work in the exact same way that it did 30 years ago when interviews by Oprah and Barbara Walters proved that he was given to speaking eloquently. It's like dealing with a grandfather who doesn't feel the need to take the time to explain to his grandchildren why they can't open the cans of soda that they've been shaking up. He doesn't waste 30 seconds to explain about the separation and build up of CO2. He just tells them not to do it before they do it in order to stop the problem before it happens.

    Bottom line? Trump trolled the fuck out of Chuck and Nancy, and set the Dems up for a whooping by getting them to say a bunch of dumb shit on camera that can be used against them from now until 2025.


    Schumer: "You can do border security without a wall."

    Voiceover: "In New York, several MS13 members have been arrested in the murder of two teenage girls. The motive? One of the girls had supposedly insulted some of their friends on her Facebook page."

    Pelosi: "We have to have an evidence-based conversation of what does work."

    Voiceover: "five-time-deportee, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who had been sought for sixth deportation based upon on drug-related felonies, although known to have fired the gun that killed Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier, was acquitted of murder and manslaughter by a San Francisco jury on Thursday…

    Schumer: "We want to do the same thing we did last year, this year."

    Voiceover: "Yale/MIT researchers have just published a new 2018 study which calculates that there are now between 16 million and 30 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S."

    Trump: "The people of this country don't want criminals, and people who have lots of problems, and drugs, pouring into our country."

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