The moment that made Cory Booker nervous with girlfriend

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During a CNN town hall, Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker opened up about his relationship with his girlfriend, actress Rosario Dawson, and tells the audience how they met. #CNN #News


  1. so CNN wants to talk to Booker about his new girlfriend, I wonder why they aren't asking him about his accuser that said Booker Sexually assaulted him. Amazing how CNN turns a blind eye to the fact that Booker said "accusers need to be believed", EXCEPT if the accused is one of their cult. That being liberal, democrat, Trump hater, liar, and it's always good to be a person of color. The hypocrisy is disgusting. My take is that Booker IS gay, I personally do not care but I think this sudden heterosexual relationship is because someone said "The country is not ready to elect a homosexual" so they got to work with the "smoke and mirrors" department to create and groom the next black president. They did the same with Hussein Obama. Just another shining example of the deception our leaders are capable of and the enslaved media like CNN, MSNBC and NPR. All a joke.

  2. Blacks are only 6% of the population in America, but they create 52% of the crime in America 40% of that is black on black.. Cory Booker you should be afraid of being killed by another black…

  3. 🔴 Booger is gay all day! look at this idiot in senate videos, every time he asks how someone feels about blacks or gays! we already had a gay black man in the White House too, Butthole Obummer! we all know how that idiot did!

  4. This ass clown is never going to make it he destroyed New Jersey president Cory Booker that doesn't even sound right another Democrat with a mental disorder when are the black people in the audience going to learn that Democrats just want you for your vote they do nothing for you Trump did more for the black and Latino in 2 years then Obama didn't eight years Obama did nothing for you people

  5. I'm so depressed about the Mueller report. My stomach is so upset that I've been sitting on the Clapper all day long wiping the Waters from my eyes and blowing my Pelosi …. ahh ahhh ahhhhh Schumer. Excuse me a moment while I wipe my Obama. I have a little Schiff that's just won't let go. God damn the Smollet in here is suffocating. The Stelter is so bad that it could put you in a Comey. If I ever get off the can, I'm going to lay down, read a Booker, and crack open a Colbert.

  6. You're not going to see him as a president, he is a fool just Like you, donn listen you gay ass like to get fucked, you going to cry for six more years 4 lying two people for the past 3 years you keep lying about Donald Trump you going to be out of work you fucking piece of shit.

  7. Ever wonder why a FREE country wuold have just three networks controlling everything? Since it began? Did you know the USA has never printed its own money? Do you think that is important? Someone will get nuked this summer.Trump or people who print American money or the continental USA

  8. Who is this super brilliant human being girlfriend who has been able to "teach" this presidential candidate "sooooo much" and "more than can ever be described"?…we should elect her. She should be the head of the United Nation… or is this guy just an idiot

  9. What a couple of douchebags you have in Lemon and Booker. I think I am going to be sick. CNN stinks and is the Communist news network and they also sell fake news.

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