The Iraqi Orphan: the reunion – BBC News

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Amar was brought to the UK from Iraq three decades ago, an orphaned child with terrible burns from a napalm attack by Saddam Hussein’s forces. His cause was taken up by an MP and his treatment and recovery in hospital were followed closely by the world’s media.
When the spotlight faded he settled into a quiet life without his family in Devon, but then years later receives a mysterious message from a stranger, saying his mother is looking for him.
Jon Kay follows Amar’s journey for Panorama as he returns to Iraq for the first time in 30 years. Is it a case of mistaken identity – or can they find Amar’s family?

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  1. Ya Allah SWT, there were thousands upon thousands who died innocently. Be with them and grand them Jannat Al Ferdaws. Be happy with them and have mercy upon your sinners here on earth as well. Ameen. Indeed mankind is full of error but above all, Ya Allah SWT you are the most merciful and the most forgiving.

  2. That remember this was a bunch of Christians and Jewish people that saved your son's life. You know the people that you are trying to kill. If it wasn't for people like Christians and Catholics and Jews saving your son's life. Your son would be dead today just remember that.

  3. Orwell warned of the BBC, pure propaganda, fake news, identity politics, lies by omission, news speak, language control, taboo truths. Turn them off.

  4. Iraq's such a mess of a situation, its why I'm so hesitant about the EU immigration policy and what it now terms as a refugee, because though most Europeans were against the Iraq war, they're probably still a bit angry, you don't just forget about that kind of stuff

  5. Can you run stories of those affected by the bombings of Fallujah?
    Where the US used white phosphorus on the population?
    Can you please show the world what became of the many victims of the United States and the United Kingdom?

  6. Can the BBC please post stories of the people affected by the American War on the Iraqi people.
    A more recent and on going war started by the US and the UK against the Iraqi people.
    A vicious War that saw millions lose their homes, livelihoods and lives.
    Can we see stories by the BBC highlighting the plight of these millions of people?
    Or do we have to contend with 3 decades old propaganda of War?
    Why aren't all those that took part in the American War on the Iraqi people in Prison?

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