The Huawei Case Just Got (More) Political

The arrest of a former Canadian diplomat in China and unexpected comments from President Trump raise a fresh question about the case of Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou, who has now been released on bail: How political is it? Photo: Associated Press

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  1. It has always been political. USA wants to stop Huawei expanding their 5g business so they require Canada to arrest Meng at airport without any evidence.

  2. If the Chinese do not nip this Anglo's kidnapping of their nationals in the bud, the Anglos will do it again.
    China should hit them really hard just to teach them a lesson !

  3. US must be very careful not to spur anti-americanism by imposing its laws on everyone on the planet. God Bless America, but also she must do her best to act with wisdom.

  4. What legal obligation would a Chinese company possibly have to uphold US sanctions on Iran? Since Huawei doesn't seem to have any business presence in the US, does the federal court even have jurisdiction over its execs?

  5. China is still in their epic days of 'king's dynasty' threatening 'serious consequences' and immediately pick the a canadian and accused spying.

  6. America is making too much mistakes…too much .Tech theft is one thing , now that huawei has mastered those tech it's too late , they will not abandon them , they are more advanced in a lot of sector than us now.But to push every nation and partner to drop the dollar as fast as they can is a huge strategic mistake.

  7. Huawei is not a company, it's a front for the Chinese government and the communist party. This is power politics, this is how it's always been since the middle ages.

  8. Trump just say he is dirty(linking China trade talks with investigation into Huawei CFO)
    Trump just say he is shameless

    Trump just open say:I kidnap apple CEO daughter just for 10M ransom dirty money because too poor USA lol😂

  9. USA=terrorism authoritarianism cheater spying country

    if u can‘t deal
    if u can’t win China,try to use dirty politics make a dirty bargaining chip

  10. US govern new Rhetoric say she is fraud lol😂u American know what is fraud?19th 20th century anglo-saxon in Africa , even now STILL fraud in Africa but not arrested lol , u know how long history USA UK 5 eyes Alliance has been fraud dirty in Africa?lol
    if China like USA , China overrule global put China domestic law=international law,we can find any excuse to caught any American we want just like u American shameless do

    And yet actually only USA sanction Iran,even UN NOT sanction Iran

    USA just always overrule UN (the word meaning like this I don’t remember specific)
    just like UN NOT sanction Iran

    US is overrule let
    US domestic law=international law (all the world need sanction Iran,
    if NOT , You are against me,if u listen me,just like Canadian lol)

  11. American say huawei Violation of national security sell iran
    Chinese say America Violation of national security sell Taiwan

    who is BIGGER?if China mainland shameless like u USA,so easy ban USA LOL

    Early 21th Century
    USA don’t sanction Iran,in that decades,even USA do business with Iran
    now 2018
    they Conversely say that decades is illegal lol(2009,huawei,skycom,whatever lol)

    so does USA company also illegal?in that decades?lol

    what a shameless double standard dog lol

    so does USA get back revenge that decades from legal to illegal?can USA give a same Rhetoric?can USA don‘t Rotten mouth ?lol

    double shameless double standard dog lol

    hope those STILL DIE HEART LOVE
    SUPPORT Trmup
    American🐵just keep brainwash by western media,bye bye lol

  12. Indeed. Why would Trump make those comments? Unbelievable. Shocking. He threw Mr. Lighthizer and Mr. Trudeau under the bus and gained nothing. I just can't believe it. It is the worst coverup story now, worse than the MBS Khashoggi case.

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