The German Election Explained

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German voters head to the polls this Sunday in an election that determines whether Chancellor Angela Merkel remains at the helm of Europe’s biggest economic power. WSJ’s Niki Blasina explains how the election will be won and why the race for third place is all important.

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  2. The Germans are going to extremes, Now they are betting on the criminal pedophile zoophilic Islam …. time for a new Hitler, we clean up Europe from African dirt and Islamic leftist propaganda. It's time for a war to defend the white race of our family culture and our religion. Grab your weapon! Greetings from the great proud White Poland ….

  3. this is what happens to your country when you lose two world wars, your expected to lose eternally. all hail the new caliphite of Deutchland, Cmon Germany start another war, who knows you might win this one? at least kick out the non integrating scum.

  4. DIE LINKE is the only alternative that we have if we don't ant to end in an end-capitalistic (FDP) or an end-brain-fucked (AfD) society.

    Honestly, I can't understand why the people in East Germany vote for a party that wants to close a border and defend it with weaponry.

  5. Most folks assume it will be an easy win for her, the Germans are chasing oblivion by all routes available, national, ethnic, spiritual – zey do not vish to be Chermans anymore…
    I reckon she'll win and then convert the whole country to Techno-Islam. lol : )

  6. Die Linke is not radical. It folls the gap that the SPD left when they moved to the center.

    Also there will not be a coalition with the AfD. All parties in the Bundestag said they will not form a coalition with AfD. And the AfD once said they don't even want to govern. The AfD is as right wing as it gets without calling them neo-nazis. No one will want to open that box again.

  7. whatever your views politically banning the far right beause you dont like their views is dictatorship, freedom of speech is freedom of speech, and cutting them off with any argument just pushes them deeper underground

  8. Merkel would be really happy with another grand coalition. The SPD knows how to govern, is very professional and the two of them together have a strong majority in the Bundesrat (second legislative chamber in Germany). The SPD however is very unhappy with this arrangement. If they do good work, Merkel gets the credits. As Merkel is very opportunistic, she often just steals the topics. The Jamaica coalition would be an experiment, with a lot of internal fights.

  9. What i think is funny, foreigners judging our Politicans and what will happen because of them (for example, "Merkel andy Germanys death") even tho they never been to germany, dont know the Situation here and/or think are "more educated in German politics" then Germans themself.
    Edit: Calling the die Linke "radical" is like calling the Republicans "radical"

  10. Merkel showed poor judgement when she invited millions of migrants to come to Germany. It was her biggest single mistake, but what a whopper it was!!! For me, it outweighs all else she may or may not have achieved. She has exacerbated a big problem for Europe. It was at least partly responsible for the Brexit vote, I suspect. French and German voters are afraid of change, so France voted for Macron rather than take a chance on real change with LePen. I think Germans will hold their collective noses and vote for Merkel again for the same reason – they are afraid of change and turmoil, but she doesn't deserve to win.

  11. Why are here so many far-right, AFD supporters or Trump-Supporters? My god, you guys have no idea, just complaining about refugees! Especially Americans who have no idea how life in Germany is right now… You know what? Its perfect and beautiful, probably better than in the US, and there is no difference to 2015….Trump=Dumb

  12. Uhuh… To call DIE LINKE a radical left party is… a bit of a stretch. Nowadays, they are merely filling the moderate left void the SPD left behind when turning neolib. Also, the successor of GDR's socialist (not communist) SED party was the PDS, which together with the Wahlalternative Arbeit und Soziale Gerechtigkeit formed DIE LINKE in 2007. Also, DIE, BART, DIE.

  13. There is a slight "error" in the analysis. Only a party which other parties have stated will never be coalition partners can be "stealing" votes. But only the AFD has been marked as such from most parties. Die Linke aims to be a second coalition partner for the SPD.

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