The Full Eulogy of George H. W. Bush by George W. Bush

In a heartfelt eulogy George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States, pays tribute to the life of “the best father a son or daughter could have,” George H.W. Bush. Photo: Getty Images

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  1. This was such a beautiful and well put together eulogy. I like the fact that there were some humorous moments within the speech which truly lightened the mood and eased the tension everyone was feeling. Condolences to the Bush family.


  3. I know George H. W. Bush wanted all living past presidents and the current president there and I genuinely respect the thought, the ideal that represents; however, seeing Trump there with his arms tightly folded during this eulogy when George W spoke of how his father will be remembered in history books as a great president is a reflection of how inhuman he really is.

  4. I live in Kennebunk. I used to see President Bush around a lot. He and Barbara used to sneak away from his Secret Service escort in an old beaten up white Honda they borrowed from their housekeeper to go to the Kennebunk Inn or Boulongerie for lunch. A stupid neighborhood cat often lays down right in the middle if the street in the Summer when its hot. I watched one day from the top of my roof, where I was paining, as the Bushes drove down the street, stopped at the cat, which refused to move and then waited. The cat, still refusing to move and the Bushes, unwilling to beep their horn and disturb the quiet neighborhood, waited and waited and then President Bush got out of the car, scooped up the cat, petting him and calling him an " idiot cat" and placed the cat in the middle of a yard. Then they drove off. I heard Barbara say out the windiw, " make sure its safe, George" and he said, " yes dear". Its the stuff you do when you don't think anybody is watching that shows your character. I watched him pick up a lot if trash off the beaches in the morning too as he was out walking his dogs. God Speed Sir and rest well. I am going to miss you.

  5. The deep state honoring one of its own.

    The pro Bush comments on youtube really make me wonder. Either they’re fake and deep state operatives since most everything in our media system is propaganda and deliberate misdirection and manipulation or some of you are about as clueless as they get.

    Let’s not pretend like this guy was a saint.

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