The Elder Scrolls – Blades Global Launch Day #1 – Skyrim Mobile

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The Elder Scrolls Blade has just had it’s Global Launch! It’s time to dive in Day #1 and see if Skyrim Mobile is a well made game or a god damn clown fiesta cash grab!

MCOC Guides Playlist:

Cutoff Estimates
3* Captain Marvel – 1.3 million+
4* Captain Marvel – 16 Million+
5* Captain Marvel – 70 Million+
4* Beast – 2.3 Million+

If Superchat doesn’t work, alternative PayPal donation link for support! -…


  1. The game is not out fully its in early access. 😢I can't play the early access because I have a sony xperia xa1 phone i also don't know if I will be able to play the full version 😭

  2. It doesn’t let me play ?… I pre-order this game since January it said early access but it doesn’t let me play any answer why it doesn’t ?

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