The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi – BBC News

Saudi journalist and government critic Jamal Khashoggi has not been seen since 2 October.
He was last spotted entering the Saudi consulate in Turkey to collect documents to allow him to marry his fiancee. Turkish officials believe he has been killed.
Here’s what we know about his disappearance so far.

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  1. مضحك امر ابن سلمان..اراد فتح البلاد ففتحها للدعارة والحرية الشكلية باللباس وقمع كل نوع راقي من الحريات.. فتح الله قبره..ولن يصل للحكم ..خليه يحلم بالكرسي وينيمه جنبه هالمعقد اللي عاش مهمش..فعلا تربية خدامات

  2. wiretaps betrayal is real. the saudis knew he was in turkey and he was to go to the consulate. i believe there are some few turkish intelligence who passed the information to the saudis. they knew everything about him through wiretaps betrayal….

  3. Religion$? Religion$ don't save anyone. They friggin posturingly murdered him. It is what it i$. The 10 thumbs down voters live in a vacuum filled with abject narcissism, and Stockholm syndrome, and they exibit key elements of bipolar manic depression while trying their level best to not seek medical care for it. Jazz handed yelling and arms wavings. Religion$ = war$ #NoActualAfterlifeWhatsoever

  4. Does the British government bump off those who don't like the democratic deficit.If you criticised the unelected head of state or the unelected 800 members in the lords.Would you be tormented by the invisible the unrecordable.The government practicing a schizophrenia weapon on a British man in the UK.Even using the patsy television industry like a shield when disclosure is to fool the public,calling a schizophrenia weapon used for years a joke.Its a British human rights crime.Don't call the Saudi government the British use a planned psychological torture on a British man.

  5. There is a rumour surfaced that says that he streamed his death from inside the consulate, he was wearing an Apple watch that was connected to his private Twitter account. its understood that his Telephone was outside the consulate with his Girlfriend who did not leave the street outside whilst he was in there. She says he did not leave. Are this British government not going to say anything ?

  6. That Saudi consul is a certified liar, his moves and stressful behavior proves his lies. On top of that he confirms that Khachoggi is not in the consulate, of course he's not now there.
    What an ignorant bedouin pig.

  7. Frankly he is dead, firstly the Saudis tricked him into the compound where a 15 strong hit team was waiting for him, that way the could overpower him so he had zero chance of escape, they disposed of the body in the van and transported it to another location where they cut it up and probably burned it, the team very quickly left and returned to Saudi, what they did not bank on was all the CTTV evidence, they fell foul like the Russians did in Salisbury, they can't get away with all these state hits like they used to. Modern technology has put pay to that.

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