The Debrief: Shutdown continues, hunt for Jazmine Barnes’s killer, jobs report | ABC News

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  1. The shooter is black, NOT WHITE LIKE YOU THOUGHT, so all you protesters can go home and stop pretending like you cared…..

  2. That other black girl that was shoot in the arm could of describe the people who shot them. This is pathetic. I’m still trying to understand why is it a white man they put on the sketch why are you blaming a white guy with blue eyes that open fire on them this feels like some sort of racial agenda. So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that the family lied right where is black lives matter for the black on black crime?!?! So we’re just gonna ignore this and move on with our lives right where is the people who are marching are you going to go home?!?!! Shit is so fucking pathetic.

  3. The government has shutdown every year i can remember. Unfortunately its a way for presidents to push their agenda, but its only fair that it works both ways

  4. Family of 7 yr-old Jazmine Barnes killed in drive-by shooting said gunman was "bearded white male" in red pickup truck. [HYSTERIA] Suspect confessed: Black male driving a dark SUV. So now liberals are cool with Jazmine's death. The whole thing was just an opportunity for the left to basque in and spew their anti-white hate for a few minutes. Once they found out it wasn't the evil whitey, it was back to business as usual. no bearded Trump loving NRA member killed little Jazmine, so there’s nothing to see here via the MSM. The talking heads had moved on . . . .

  5. Of course you if mom had said this was a black guy you still have a white hate crime she wouldn't have got all that money and attention. If you think it's bad for me to say that then ask her how she knows it's a hate crime she said he had plenty of time to look in the car see her look in the backseat see the kids and he opened fire anyway, didn't know them. All that but she couldn't tell her that they were black? I call BS

  6. A 10 year old girl got killed in a drive-by a few weeks ago but it didn't get nowhere near the news media they didn't have the description of a white man. Mother said it must be a hate crime because he had time enough to look in and see her and look in the back and see the children before he started shooting if he had all that time why didn't she recognize he was a black guy? It's not hard to tell.

  7. Jewish control left wing Neo marxist reported fake news again. There was no white male to pin it on so they made it up Until the truth came out. It was a black male and watch this stroy fade away.

  8. The "Mainstream Media" Fake News and the Negro "Community" will lose all interest in this story now that a Black man has been arrested in the shooting.
    Turns out the description of the shooter as a "white male" was just wishful thinking by the violent extremist left.

  9. This man is trying to stay out of the final truth with Muller, no government no investigation no jail. ….So he thinks. Holding the Country hostage. All we hear is yack yack yack!!! They wanted him, and they got him.

  10. The suspect arrested was black and it was gang related. Still look for 2 other black suspects. The fuck yellow journalism media took the white man fake news photo and ran it Nation wide

  11. God answers prayers, I believe in the power of prayer! He WILL BE CAUGHT! He took a precious life, GOD WILL NOT SPARE HIS!! A horrible, unconionable act from a scary ugly MONSTER!👹 He has to get caught!

  12. This killer is probably a cop or related to one, the way HPD is "white glove handling" this search. How do they know his vehicle doesnt have a tag unless they have a much better pic of the white murderers' truck. Houston is 4th largest city with hundreds of street light cameras and they'd have us believe they don't know exactly what kind of truck the white killer was driving and where it and he is. GTFOH!
    Another year begins with white supremacy doing what it does. Black ppl, this is the straw….buy firearms to protect yourself and your family. Form community search parties and search
    for people who harm you yourselves. The police are not interested in finding, prosecuting and convicting white ppl who harm black ppl. IT IS YOUR DUTY TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

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