The best electric skateboards of 2018

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Electric skateboards and longboards have become a relatively common sight in big cities, and a lot of companies now make them. Unfortunately most of them are more toy than tool. We tested out a few of the most popular boards under $2,000, and it’s pretty clear which two win out. Subscribe:

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  1. Just to add my input here I bought a VOKUL MINI board for only 229 and it WORKS GREAT! Don’t see any reason ma to spend $500 on a skateboard just to commute.

  2. I have Boosted Board v2 and Acton Quartto. I disagree about the brakes on Acton and would say the thing I don't like is the acceleration. If you try to go from a dead stop the board will go but your probably going off if you give it full throttle. The board itself is very stiff. Thats not bad at full speed but you will want to push start it before opening it up. The boosted I love the comfort on it. I put Orangatang Orange Nipples on it and it gives it a really loose feel. Quick turns are great with it now. I like snowboarding and boosted has that same feeling by changing to softer bushings. It is more wobbly at top speed but for comfort it is awesome. I like the Acton also but it does hurt my feet after short rides with it being so stiff.

  3. Riding a Meepo 30 inch board side by side with a boosted Mini X . The Meepo is a fantastic board at just $419.00 about a 100 miles on both boards now and so far the Meepo is doing just fine.

  4. to anybody watching this who is shopping for an electric skateboard, do some real research. These guys are so biased, it is painful to see. Recommending the boosted mini, which is a really expensive board if you look at what you get for 800 bucks, is just absolutely ridiculous. Do your own research and find the right board for you

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