The American teachers armed against gun crime – BBC News

A number of schools in the US are opting to train staff to carry a concealed weapon in the classroom.

US President Trump has given his support, and US Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has said she’s considering allowing schools to use federal funds to purchase guns.

We visited a programme in Ohio called FASTER Saves Lives, that’s aimed at teachers who choose to bring their registered firearm into school.

Produced by Daniel South, Jasmin Souesi and Joshua Smith.

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  1. Who would be a teacher? Overworked, underpaid and now you have to carry a gun?
    That would be the straw that broke the camel's back.To be in a class room and have a class of students to teach with all their issues and needs and on top of that to have to be in a state of hyper vigilance
    is too much to bear.
    Perhaps it would be easier to have one entrance and have metal detectors at the gate like they have in airports to prevent them from being brought into schools. And that's a bit tricky too.Time consuming.
    The best thing would be gun control measures. But then the NRA would be jumping up and down in protest. How did it ever come to this?

  2. I mean, I guess it makes sense because If i went to school and i knew that history teacher was ex-forces and some other ex-law enforcement teachers were there.. I'd think twice about trying to shoot up the school. However, I dont think it's good for the kids knowing that their teachers are armed with a lethal weapon.

  3. I'm fed up with these leftists socialists in America, that keep whining about our guns. If you don't the like freedom to own guns, move on down to Venezuela where they have a total gun ban and armed criminals roaming the streets. If you don't like guns, you shouldn't have been born here. This is the food we're serving on our menu, and if it doesn't fit your taste, head on down the road to another cafe. We're not changing our menu to fit your taste, because you have some kind of warped socialist pea brain. Our 2nd amendment is not going anywhere and we are not banning freedoms to fight crime. Fighting crime is the job of the judicial system, and we only punish the ones that commit the crime. We don't punish everyone and take their freedoms over the actions of the criminals. If you wanna take that approach, you'll be living in a police state with no freedoms whatsoever.

  4. Why are leftists so against us arming the teachers to protect the kids? Obama whined and shed his fake tears after the Sandy Hook shooting, when he tried and failed to ban our assault rifles. When the NRA offered him a solution to stop school shootings, by arming the teachers, he ignored them. They also recommended that the glass school doors be replaced with metal ones and that they remain locked. Obama refused to look at this idea too, which shows me Obama and the leftists care nothing about protecting school children, they just wanna use these tragedies to achieve their goals of gun control.

  5. its a no brainer if you have legal access to firearms like in the USA you'd have to be mentally retarded not to carry a firearm 24/7

    And oh yes you say, the police can save you !!!! tell that to the many people killed each year by criminals, mental cases, terrorist, etc.

    It makes sense if your a teacher to carry a firearm the way these nutjobs keep shooting schools up.

  6. Ah yes. All the overseas liberals in the comment section who only learn USA policies through the fear that's presented from liberal media. Bahhhhh sheeple
    Most likely the same people that live in the same country that support the ban on carry knives when rape and assault has been increasing in the past few years.

  7. 7000 white farmers and their wife's and children raped and murdered in south Africa how about a mention about that? Even the cops are blocking phone signals preventing them phoning for help!

  8. Schools getting attacked because they are a soft target, and the people that commit these crimes are basically cowardly, Knowing the school had armed persons, Teachers or cleaners, They wouldn't take the risk. Mr Smith and Mr Weston welcome to school

  9. It’s a cultural difference thing. Americans get upset when we Canadians teach our children multiculturalism as a social fabric of our country, and we get upset at kids getting shot in school.

  10. When seconds count, police are minutes away. You need to have a gun handy just in case. We could already carry a concealed firearm in public in my state with a permit, but we said screw this crap, and we're now passing a law where you can carry a gun without a permit. Why should we pay the government a tax, and have to get written permission in order to carry a gun, when the constitution says we have the right to bear arms? "Do you have a permit to carry that gun"? "Yeah, it's a piece of paper called the constitution", Get this, the police in my state are against the new law, because they say they'll lose money writing tickets to people for carrying a gun without a permit. They said they make almost a million dollars a year in fines that they give people caught carrying a gun without a permit. It doesn't matter what they want, because we have the lawmakers elected to pass the law and a new governor that said he's signing it.

  11. If we'd just close down all schools, we wouldn't have a problem with school shootings. I'm serious, we should close all schools, not because of school shootings, but because it's a waste of taxpayer money. The kids could learn at home through the internet and go to testing centers once every so often to take tests. You could have one teacher, teaching thousands if you used the internet, and we would save billions on having to build schools, hire staff, maintenance, etc. I just saw on the evening news that they were getting ready to build a new school in a small town near where I live and it was going to cost 20 million dollars. It would be a lot cheaper for them to be sitting at home and watching the teacher lecture through the internet. If they need tutoring, you could hire online tutors. Years ago when I was going to college, the college I was going to, would broadcast the professors lecture through the college TV station and you could take classes at home. You'd go to the college a few times per semester to take the tests. It was an experiment that was a success, but it never caught on across the country. The college saved money, because their class sizes weren't limited to the number of seats in a classroom, and they could hire less professors. The professor would tape his lectures and rebroadcast them semester after semester, so his time was then freed up from lecturing and he spent his time administering and grading tests.

  12. Arming the public and passing laws that gave people the right to blow the heads off of attackers, got rid of the crime in my state. Dead criminals don't reoffend and would be criminals have the fear of God instilled in them when surrounded by armed citizens. There are you tube videos showing this crime elimination program in action. Type in YT search worlds "CCW in action". WARNING some videos are graphic and show criminals being shot, so get your popcorn, because they are entertaining as hell.

  13. Back in the 80's we didn't have school shootings, and we would even bring guns to school in our cars. We also didn't have all these kids on psychiatric medications that turn them into mass murderers. You look at the charts, when they started giving children these attention deficit drugs, anti anxiety pills, etc. and you'll see when this school shooting problem started. They also took the paddle out of schools and the kids are not disciplined anymore.

  14. If nothing else, it's a good disciplinary tool. You think a child is gonna misbehave when Miss crab tree is packing a glock pistol? And their homework is always turned in early

  15. Survival is becoming a bit of a lottery when you think not too many years back you could just expect to get a few things out of life. Now it could be f all or death. The UK is becoming the same. Crazy people everywhere. And the possibility exists that the government or media could be in on it with the crazies.

  16. Cheers! I hope more teachers go armed! Any of you that disagree, and believe you have an open mind, ask yourself, if someone gave you a gun, would you go out and murder people with it? Would it fundamentally change who you are?

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