The 10 Things Only Lionel Messi Did in Football ||HD||

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The Ten Impossible Things Only Messi Did in Football !!


  1. A lot of players nutmegged goalkeeper but they did it with shots while scoring, Messi did it in OPEN PLAY and regained the ball on the other end. A few players scored with chest, Messi is the only one who did it TWICE.

  2. How much Messi has to prove that he is the greatest player of all times by seeing this video Ronaldo fans will also agree that Messi is the greatest player to ever play football God of Football

  3. Pele dribbled past six players to score about a thousand times. Also, long range shots with all opposing players backed off is not unique to Messi. Messi is a great player but we just want to make sure the claims are accurate though…

  4. Maradona did all these and much more with extreme ease.
    Not to mention that he won the World Cup all by himself and did marvelous things with all the teams he played.
    Always ahead, a true leader and a super stylish and classy footballer beat everyone in his path siglehanded.
    You cannot tell Messi is the GOAT while players like Maradona and Zidane have led their teams to the top of the world.
    Messi is a fantastic player, but the God of Football already has a name.
    – Diego Armando Maradona –

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